Samsung Galaxy S21 leak makes the iPhone 12 notch look even worse

Galaxy S21
(Image credit: Evan Blass/Voice)

Samsung Galaxy S21 leaks continue to surface ahead of the smartphone's expect debut in mid-January, highlighted by leaked renders of the upcoming handset. The latest view gives us a clear look at what the front of the Galaxy S21 will look like when it arrives as soon as next month.

Our first takeaway? Wow, we've been living with a massive notch on the iPhone 12.

The Galaxy S21 renders, which come via leaker Evan Blass, reveal a very clean silhouette and display that's almost entirely screen. According to Blass, this is an official Samsung press shot of the S21. Put the rumored phone up against the iPhone 12, and it creates quite the visual contrast.

iPhone 12 vs Galaxy S21

(Image credit: Apple/Evan Blass)

While the iPhone 12's notch takes up a good portion of the top of Apple’s phone, the Galaxy S21 features a very discrete hole punch to house the front-facing selfie camera. The S21 also features slim bezels, a slimmer chin, and a very nondescript layout that doesn't have to worry about a notch stealing some of its screen real estate. 

These renders offer a new look at the Galaxy S21 that we hadn't seen up close so much just yet, with a special focus on its front panel. While the look isn't exactly unique — you might confuse it for the Galaxy S20 — you do get a sense that Samsung may be trying to cut costs this year with the base S21 model. 

In addition to the changes made to its front panel, however, we know there are plenty of alterations being made to the Galaxy S21’s camera array. Its camera module will feature a different, lower-profile option that will be more flush against the frame. As far as additional changes coming to the phone, we know it'll feature a much slimmer design overall. 

The latest rumors have the Galaxy S21 making its debut at a January 14 event that Samsung has yet to announce. Prices could start at $999, which was the debut price of the Galaxy S20. Look for the phone to ship by the end of January, if the latest Galaxy S21 rumors are accurate.

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