Samsung Display will soon be able to produce 8K QD-OLED TVs

An image of the Samsung S95B OLED TV
(Image credit: Samsung)

QD-OLED TVs, the new panel technology that combines the best traits of OLED TVs and the best traits of QLED TVs, may still be in its infancy — but it’s in for a big leap forward.

According to FlatPanelsHD citing South Korea's The Elec, Samsung Display has received a machine that will allow it to manufacture 8K QD-OLED panels.

The machine is nicknamed “Jarvis”, and according to its manufacturer, Kateeva, it’s a G8.5 inkjet solution for high-volume production of QD-OLED displays. Those displays are what will eventually make their way into 8K TVs and high-resolution monitors.


(Image credit: Kateeva)

How soon those will materialize isn’t clear — in fact, Samsung Display has yet to officially announce any plans for production of 8K QD-OLED TVs. So how do we know we’ll get one? Well, you don’t buy a $14.5 billion machine so that it can look nice on a factory floor.  

Analysis: Should you be excited for an 8K QD-OLED TV? 

As you’ve probably noticed, there’s not a lot of native 8K content these days. The only way to really watch 8K content is to download it to a USB stick and plug it into the back of an 8K TV…which isn’t something most folks are keen to do when they buy a new TV.

That said, there’s going to be a point when that changes. As TVs continue to become larger and more affordable, we’re going to need higher resolutions to preserve the details in the picture. We’ll also want TVs that are more colorful and with better contrast.

The solution? An 8K QD-OLED. 

How soon they’ll arrive — and, more importantly, how much they’re going to cost — is hard to predict. The only two QD-OLED TVs currently available, the Samsung S95B OLED and Sony A95K OLED, aren’t exactly cheap, but the 65-inch versions aren’t much more expensive than traditional OLED TVs. If that continues to be the case with future 8K models, well, you might be able to have one in your living room in a few years for a completely reasonable price.

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