Asus ROG Phone 4 leak teases a stunning new look for mobile gamers

Asus ROG Phone 3 review
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The ROG Phone is now in its third iteration as a smartphone built with gamers in mind. Each installment of the Asus-built phone has featured a tough chassis, a well-rounded set of features, long battery life and excellent gaming performance. But the follow-up to last year’s ROG Phone 3 could feature an entirely new look

As spotted by GizChina, new leaks about the ROG Phone 4 have sprung up on Chinese social networking platform Weibo. And they’re promising what appears to be a totally bezel-less display with the front of the phone featuring all glass. 

The Weibo post's teaser image shows an edge-to-edge display with what looks to be a narrow chin. With the ROG Phone 3 launching with a 144Hz refresh rate, perhaps this larger display will on the new ROG Phone match that speedy refresh rate — or even offer something faster.

ROG Phone 4

(Image credit: Weibo)

An image showcasing what appears to be the front of the alleged phone was featured with a constellation and galaxy imagery emblazoned across the shape of the phone. It could just be a simple, nondescript render that doesn't portend anything about what the phone will look like, but nothing's set in stone at the moment. If the ROG Phone 4 does feature this all-glass screen, it'll be quite the stunning phone, as long as it functions great as well. 

While the Weibo post revealed very little about the upcoming phone, we do know at bit regarding what's under the hood. It’s likely to run on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon system-on-chip, the Snapdragon 888. These specs sprang forth from a benchmark that hit GeekBench in December, which also suggested the phone might include 8GB of RAM as well as Android 11. Considering the Galaxy S21 featuring the Snapdragon 888 is now available for pre-order, we expect other top Android phones to follow suit in 2021.

There's no projected date for when the ROG Phone 4 will debut, but rumor has it that it will likely be on shelves much earlier than when the ROG Phone 3 became available last year. ROG has remained silent about its next move just yet, especially given that it just pushed a phone out into the market at the tail end of 2020.

Right now, if you're looking to try out a phone specifically designed for gamers, the ASUS ROG Phone 3 is a worthy contender. While users looking for a straight up phone to text and make calls with will want to look elsewhere, this is the unit hardcore gamers will want to drop some cash on. If the ASUS ROG Phone 4 follows in this product's footsteps, video game fans will have a new flagship to covet going forward. 

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