PUBG Season 7 release date: PS4, Xbox and PC

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Season 6 of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is at an end, so PUBG Season 7 is here to extend the competition. This substantial update has been out on PC for a few days, but today (April 28), it will make its way to consoles as well. Season 7 will introduce a variety of new features, including bots for console players, a moving train in a fan-favorite map and even some (additional) dinosaurs in a revamped theme park.

Information comes from the official PUBG site, where the developers detailed each new change that Season 7 brings. For those who haven’t played the game, PUBG is one of the originators of the “battle royale” genre of games, where 100 players compete on a single map to see who’s the last man standing. Living longer earns you currency, which you can use to deck out your character with cooler-looking clothing and weapons. It’s a simple loop, but it can be a satisfying one.

PUBG Season 7 release date

PUBG Season 7 went live for PC players on April 22, 2020, and for PS4 and Xbox One players on April 28, 2020. You can download it right now on any of the three platforms.

PUBG Season 7 trailer

A PUBG Season 7 trailer details some of the gameplay changes and new features that fans can expect to see over the next few months. Major features, described in more detail below, include a revamped location, a train that can transport players across the map and a collection of colorful dinosaur-themed gear.

PUBG Season 7 Vikendi map

First and foremost, Season 7 sees the return of Vikendi: a popular map where players compete on a snowy tundra. The PUBG team has adjusted (and readjusted) how much snow is on the map and shifted around many of the cities and landmarks. However, the most striking change to the Vikendi map comes in the form of a moving train.

PUBG Season 7 Release date, Consoles

PUBG Season 7 arrives today (April 28) on Xbox One and PS4.

The train offers a number of possibilities as it runs from one end of Vikendi to another. Players can use it to get from one place to another, of course, provided that they can fight off other players who have the same idea. They can also set up ambushes at stations, where trains stop occasionally to let passengers board and disembark. Since cars and motorcycles are still available, the interplay between multiple types of vehicles could get very interesting.

Another change to the Vikendi map is Dinoland, the Prehistoric Park of the Future. In the old Vikendi map, players could compete in a relatively small and drab abandoned amusement park known as Dino Park. The whole area has undergone a massive and colorful redesign, culminating in the Disney-esque Dino Land. There are more intricate rides, more varied buildings and, yes, more elaborate dinosaur statues. Players will probably want to check this one out for themselves, although staying alive while doing so might be tricky.

PUBG Season 7 bots

One addition just for console players is the introduction of bots into public matches. Since PUBG is a game with a high skill ceiling and a lot of competitive players, it’s not always easy for new players to ease in. With the Season 7 update, inexperienced PS4 and Xbox One players may start seeing AI-controlled bots filling out parts of their 100-player free-for-alls. These bots won’t simply roll over and absorb gunfire, of course, but they also won’t be quite as clever or skilled as a human player. They should help new players gain some confidence as they build their skills.

PUBG Season 7 equipment

Otherwise, Season 7 will bring a handful of new challenges for both PC and console players, including goal-driven missions to help players earn XP and equipment. There’s a new Mosin-Nagant rifle to replace the old Kar98k, as well as a number of bug fixes and UI enhancements.

More substantially, there’s also some new equipment to collect, including Dinoland t-shirts and Baby Bear sleep masks. Most of it is time-limited, and will be replaced by a new round of equipment in late spring and mid-summer.

How to get PUBG Season 7

The update is free, and to get it, all you have to do is load the game up. (If you don’t have the latest patch, you won’t be able to connect, so you’ll know pretty quickly whether the update installed.) Just be aware that a lot of companies are throttling Internet speeds due to COVID-19 concerns, so don’t be surprised if this one takes a little longer to download than usual.

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