New iPhone 12 design shows off biggest EVER screen and four cameras

iPhone 12
(Image credit: Phone Industry)

iPhone 11 (and its bigger siblings, the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max) were a hit with tech fans when they were first unveiled to the world in September. In particular the iPhone 11 Pro Max, with its triple-camera setup and huge 6.5" OLED screen, was labelled "the ultimate smartphone" in our five-star review. 

However, now the Samsung Galaxy S20 series has officially launched, we're looking towards next fall for the iPhone 12. And judging by some of the rumours flying around the web, such as a four-camera setup, wireless power sharing and up to four different handsets, we could be in for the biggest upgrade in years.

Concept artist channel Phone Industry has taken everything we know about the iPhone 12 so far and created a digital render that could be very close to what we end up getting. The design carries the biggest ever iPhone screen at 6.7" and four cameras, including a 48MP main lens, ultra-wide-angle, telephoto lens and time-of-flight depth sensor. 

While Samsung opts for massive 108MP sensors on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the iPhone 11 Pro Max took the opposite route, with three 12MP cameras that still performed incredibly well. Big sensors aren't everything, but this huge jump to a 48MP main camera looks to keep Apple's focus on quality over gimmicks, while incorporating some of the detail of images born from the current big-sensor trend. It's the best of both worlds.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

It's not the size of the camera, it's how you use it... (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The design incorporates neat tricks already seen (albeit imperfectly) on other phones, such as wireless power-sharing. The design will be Apple's first 5G phone, which makes sense: although there wasn't much of a 5G demand when the iPhone 11 range was released, more and more networks are rolling out 5G across the world. By the time the phone is released in the fall, 5G handsets will be more in demand.

Boasting a hitherto-unreleased iOS 14 and A14 Apple chipset, this phone seems to be an iPhone fan's wish-fulfilment dream. Check out the full video below, in which Phone Industry showcases all the rumoured and leaked iPhone 12 plans we've seen so far:

What do you think of what you've just seen? Will Apple adhere to the design quite closely, or do you think Phone Industry is missing a trick? As there's rumoured to be as many as four iPhone 12s coming in the fall (not to mention the impending iPhone SEs, we could see these features spread out over multiple handsets.

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