Dyson's new V15 vacuum is the lightsaber of vacuums — thanks to lasers

Dyson V15
(Image credit: Dyson)

Dyson has launched the new Dyson V15 Detect and, whoa, it’s something to behold. Equipped with a green laser, the cordless vacuum looks straight out of a celestial cleaning cupboard from Star Wars

Lasers might seem like an odd addition to a vacuum cleaner, but they're being used to help you scavenge for those pesky crumbs on your carpet; and, it beams neon-green for that true Return of the Jedi lightsaber effect.

Lasers aside, the Dyson V15 comes jam-packed with a bunch of other nifty features: an LCD screen that displays the size of the dirt particles the V15 is sucking up. And there's a sensor that automatically dials up the suction of the V15 when it stumbles across more tricky dust particles.


(Image credit: Dyson)

It should bring heaps of benefits to pet owners whose animal companions are prone to shedding hair — we certainly know that feeling when the vac gets clogged up. Now, Dyson’s new machine boasts an "anti-tangle conical brush bar,” which stops hair from getting lodged in the V15’s bristles, preventing an especially irritating by-product of sucking up pet hair.

Of course, being a Dyson, the V15 comes with a hefty price tag: anti-tangling brush bars, molecular dust tracking, and the laser will set you back an eye-watering $699, which is nearly identical to the Cyclone V10 Absolute.

More on that laser: it’s green because the color's contrast levels supposedly provide the optimal light settings when using the V15 in places influenced by ambient light conditions, debris type and the surface being cleaned.

Dyson is launching two other vacuum cleaners on Wednesday. The Dyson Outsize comes in at $799, offers a larger capacity, and a $100 price hike to boot. There's also the Dyson Omniglide, which trims off the fat with a multi-swivel head, and looks to be a very capable vacuum for the more palatable price tag of $399 

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