Netflix just got a sleep mode — here’s how it works

Netflix on Android
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Netflix loves to ask if you're still watching, but what if you could basically tell it that you plan to fall asleep in advance? Well, that will be possible if a new feature comes to all users, as Netflix is testing a sleep timer.

We've just discovered we have it on a Galaxy S21 Ultra we're testing. According to The Verge, this feature is being tested to a limited selection of users. Specifically, "select users globally with Android devices" are going to get the option first. 

The feature sounds quite simple, and ideal for anyone trying to stop themselves from waking up at 2am when another episode of their favorite show is playing. Not only is that a rude awakening, now you have no idea where you left off. 

Netflix Sleep Timer

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Here's how Netflix's sleep timer works:

  1. Tap on Timer in the upper right corner while watching a show.
  2. Select 15, 30, 45 minutes, or “Finish Show.”

If you select Finish Show, playback will stop once the episode you're watching is over, as the timed options may bring you ahead one or two episodes.

Netflix may open it up to more users and devices, but only if they consider it a hit with users. Remember, Netflix knows how you interact with its shows. It's always collecting data. 

This is a great way to improve the Netflix app, so we hope it's a success. I do this with podcasts all the time, setting a 30 minute timer when I go to bed.

Henry T. Casey
Managing Editor (Entertainment, Streaming)

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