Massive Windows 10 fail: New update is crashing PCs and deleting files

Windows 10
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There's yet another disastrous Windows 10 update, and this one could seriously mess up your PC. A new update released this month is leading to major crashes and deleted files, but there is a way to uninstall the update if you're affected. 

Windows Latest (via TechRadar) reports that numerous users have been struggling with issues caused by Windows 10 update KB4549951. This update, released on April 14, was first reported to be causing just computer crashes (a.k.a. blue screens of death), but newer complaints have pointed to the troublesome update as the cause of lost files.

Here are the major issues spotted in this latest update, and what you can do to keep your PC safe from them. 

Crashes and blue screen of death

This update is causing multiple types of crashes, with at least seven different stop codes reported (listed by Windows Latest):

  • Portcls.sys

A few users are claiming that these shutdowns are occurring one after the other, meaning there's no way to actually access the PC and fix the problem.

Disappearing files

In addition to the BSOD problem, other users are reporting that files, including pictures, documents and apps, are being deleted. This is similar to a Windows update from a few months ago, which was thought to be deleting users' files but in fact was moving them to a new user profile.

How to uninstall Windows 10 update KB4549951

If you're suffering from these problems, here's how to uninstall the offending update. 

1. Within the Start menu, go to Settings.
2. Select 'Update & security.'
3. Select 'Windows Update.'
4. Select 'View update history' -> 'Uninstall updates'.
5. On this screen, find the KB4549951 update on the list, select it, and choose 'Uninstall.'

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  • Jaybird1944
    And, somehow, a lack of updates for Win 7 is seen as devastatingly bad. I'll keep using 7 until my computers stop working and then probably switch to linux
  • stentor33
    admin said:
    After early reports of blue screens of death, Microsoft's April up for Windows 10 is also deleting some users' files, although there is a fix if you've been affected.

    Massive Windows 10 fail: New up is crashing PCs and deleting files : Read more

    How an update would delete user documents is baffling. Makes no sense.
    I created this account to say this, Windows Update can Go *** Itself. My Entire Day was ruined. Got Massive nvlddmkm errors in logs. PC Froze->SHUTS Down-> Restarts-> Repeats, Cant even access the pc after logging in BAM!! instant ERRORS.

    Suspected EVERYTHING. My smps, power line, GPU, and Ups.

    Reinstalled Windows Thrice, Denied windows Update this time, Voila! everything works perfectly fine.