Joanna Gaines porch decor is a ‘minimalist and modern take on Halloween decoration’ — according to experts

Joanna Gaines
Joanna Gaines (Image credit: Getty Images)

When it comes to traditional, Halloween front porch decor, we don’t often associate the words ‘chic’ or ‘sophisticated’ with it. However, this is clearly not the case for interior guru, Joanna Gaines.

Known more for her trademark rustic-chic, farmhouse style, and modern neutrals, it comes as no surprise her Halloween porch decor will exude just as much Instagram style.

Essentially, the porch is the first thing that guests see before even entering your home. It showcases your property, improves your curb appeal, and can instantly make a great first impression. For Joanna Gaines, that means creating a balanced, Halloween porch look without being tacky or garish!

Here, we’ve asked interior designers and experts to share their thoughts on Joanna’s front porch style. 

Pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween, but if you want to break away from tradition, why not opt for white pumpkins instead? The Fixer Upper star and Magnolia designer keeps it simple yet stylish by adding a few gray pumpkins that had been collected by son Cree. 

"In my opinion, this radiates an air of sophistication and maturity. I especially like the gray pumpkins, no more orange jack-o-lanterns or plastic pumpkins,” says Raf Michalowski, interior designer and CEO of Meble Furniture, “Clearly this person wanted the home to look elegant, refined, sophisticated and chic not like the Halloween aisle at Dollar Trees”.

In her porch post we also see subtle, decor features such as wall lanterns and various porch planters filled with beautiful, seasonal foliage. These all do well to add impact, color and rustic charm. 

“The decor style of the house on this Instagram post from Joanna Gaines is a minimalist and modern take on Halloween decoration. It uses the "less is more" philosophy — focusing on simplicity, clean lines, and a lack of clutter,” agrees Zara O'hare from Land of Rugs, “In other words it prioritizes simplicity, monochromatic colors, and subtle, tasteful touches that break away from the conventional orange and vibrant decor associated with Halloween. It's a great example of how a minimalist approach can still capture the essence of a holiday while maintaining an elegant and contemporary aesthetic".

Abbas Youssefi, Founder and CEO of Porcelain Superstore also agrees that when it comes to Halloween decorations, the choice between colors and neutrals can set the tone for your spooky celebration. “Vibrant colors like orange and black can create a festive and lively atmosphere, evoking the classic Halloween spirit. On the other hand, if you’re not willing to give up the aesthetic neutral tones which have been in vogue for some time, opting for tones such as grays and browns”.

If you want to get creative, you can paint pumpkins white or gray with two coats of acrylic paint (not oil-based). Acrylic spray paint is quick drying, and the matte finish gives it a stylish feel. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors should you wish to include pastel or even metallic tones. Alternatively, you could opt for fake pumpkins available in craft stores or online like these DomeStar Artificial Pumpkins, 12PCS White ($8, Amazon) that you can use all year round. 

Metallic spray-painted pumpkins

Metallic spray-painted pumpkins (Image credit: Shutterstock)

What's more, the addition of the best porch plants and even the best solar lights can create a cozy and warm ambiance. “Moreover, incorporating planters and lanterns can add an extra layer of charm and coziness to your space. Lanterns can create a warm and inviting ambiance, especially as the days grow shorter, while planters can be filled with seasonal flowers and foliage, such as chrysanthemums, ornamental kale, and pumpkins, even if smaller, neutral-colored ones!”

Perhaps, the most amusing part of her Instagram post is the surprising additions left by her son. With the caption: ‘Someone decorated the front porch for Halloween. Somehow I don’t AND do appreciate this all at once’, it then shows two pencil drawn images of ghouls on the white walls! 

Either way, Joanna Gaines proves that you can be festive and fun, yet still be stylish, chic and contemporary this season. 

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