iPhone 13 Pro Max leak teases 120Hz display and bigger battery

iPhone 13/iPhone 12S final design
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The iPhone 13 Pro Max will offer users both a faster display and a bigger battery to enjoy it with, a new leak claims. 

According to leaker IceUniverse, the largest of the next-gen iPhones will get a 4,325 mAh battery and "will definitely use 120Hz." The upgrades, if true, would remove two of the iPhone's few weaknesses compared to rival phones, and would be great news for keen iPhone gamers and movie viewers.

The claim echoes rumors we've heard previously about the next-gen iPhone — and as upgrades go, these two would work well together.

A 120Hz refresh rate would make scrolling through menus and social media, or playing supported games or videos, far smoother than on the iPhone 12's 60Hz display. High refresh rates are a major drain on a phone's battery life, though, so the extra capacity would at least offset the increased power consumption, if not improve the iPhone 12 Pro Max's already impressive longevity.

The way phones typically manage 120Hz performance when you need it, while keeping battery life high, is with an adaptive display that can switch to a lower, less-power-intensive refresh rate. 

Some phones do this by offering a few preset options that the phone can swap between automatically, but Apple is instead rumored to be using a superior LTPO panel for its 120Hz iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models. 

This tech, found in the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and OnePlus 9 Pro, allows for a completely variable refresh rate, and would be the perfect way to squeeze the longest possible battery life out of a 120Hz iPhone.

Previously, a different leak gave us the battery capacities of all iPhone 13 models. All four are said to be getting larger cells compared to their iPhone 12 counterparts, but the iPhone 13 Pro Max will apparently see an 18% increase — a significantly bigger boost than the others.

Other rumors we've heard for the iPhone 13 include a welcome reduction in the Face ID notch's size, giving you more display space on a phone the same size as the iPhone 12. The cameras may get a boost, too, with a new ultrawide lens and new portrait video and astrophotography settings.

It'll most likely be September when we see the new iPhone lineup launched. However the rumors already point to the iPhone 13 becoming one of the best phones we'll try this year.

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