iPhone 12 Pro killer upgrade reportedly axed right before launch

iPhone 12 Pro
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If one of tech's biggest leakers is correct, the iPhone 12 Pro will lack one of the best features in Samsung's top phones. That feature? The 120Hz refresh-rate display technology that's also found in Apple's iPad Pro.

This news comes to us from Jon Prosser, of Front Page Tech, who is one of the most prolific Apple leakers but also has a mixed track record. For example, he said the new Apple Watch 6 would be announced in a press release on Monday, when just the event was announced.

On Sept. 11, Prosser tweeted "120hz (codename: d6x) didn’t make mass production 😞*now* you can give up." Prosser's use of emoji, and the plaintive message to "give up" is a reminder that 120Hz ProMotion refresh rates have been a feature that users have wanted, but that the rumor mill has been saying won't happen for a while.

Prosser also revealed that mass production has begun on the iPhone 12. That phone is expected to be announced at an October event, and not at Tuesday's Time Flies Event, which may also debut the iPad Air 4.

120Hz refresh rates give screens superbly smooth scrolling and image motion, so everything is just that much more pleasant to see. It's also ideal for enjoying games and videos at higher framerates. And as someone who is spending more and more time with the iPad Pro, it's something that you will notice. 

Apple is also a bit late to the 120Hz party. Samsung's got the technology in its Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra phones, as well as dynamic (auto-adjusting) 120Hz rates in the Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 2. 120Hz technology is even in the OnePlus 8 Pro

It wouldn't be out of the ordinary for Apple to arrive slightly late to a new technology. The company doesn't seem to prioritize being the first to deliver a feature, and instead waits to get it right. And judging by Prosser's words, it seems as if Apple could not nail down 120Hz rates for the iPhone 12. 

Is iPhone 13 the lucky number for 120Hz? We'll find out sooner or later. Stay tuned to Tom's Guide for all things Apple and iPhone.

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  • Aqua2020
    admin said:
    iPhone 12 Pro to miss out on one of Galaxy Note 20's best features, which could make Apple wait until 2021 to catch up with Samsung.

    iPhone 12 Pro killer upgrade just got axed right before launch : Read more
    I think tech media is making much more out of having a high refresh rate screen on a phone then it's really worth. As far as I am concerned I'll take the battery life I'm saving by not having it. The most important thing I want is a 5G Low-Mid-High spectrum on my iPhone. That is the only reason I'm going to upgrade.