iOS 17 beta 3 has arrived — here's what's coming soon for your iPhone

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iOS 17 just got its third beta release, and with it has come several enhancements to your favorite Apple apps.

The beta release is available to anyone registered with Apple Developer, without you needing to pay like in previous years. We still recommend normal users don't install this software on the iPhone you use every day though. It's best to wait until the stable release this fall. Or at least until the more stable public beta drops, which will likely happen in a week or two.

But what's actually changed in beta 3? Thanks to some digging from MacRumors, we can see the latest iOS 17 changes for ourselves.


If you've been curious about who was involved in the making of a song on Apple Music beyond the main credited band or artist, you're now able to select View Credits from the three dots menu at the top of the Now Playing screen to see the performers and crew responsible for that song.

Screenshots from iOS 17 developer beta 3, showing the new full credits section for a track on Apple Music

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The extended menu now also lets you read the lyrics in full, and see information on the audio quality rating of the particular track.


The changes to the Health app all revolve around the new Mental Wellbeing tracking system. Some aesthetic changes have been made to make specific selected moods different colors, plus the buttons, sliders and so on now change their own hues to match that of the selected mood.

Screenshots from iOS 17 developer beta 3, showing the recolored menus for Mental Wellbeing tracking in the Health app

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You've also got a reminders function built-in now, allowing you to set your iPhone to prompt you to check in in the middle of the day, at the end of the day or at other specified time of your choosing.


A small alteration has been made to the menu in the Recent Deleted section of the Photos app. There's now a menu button containing the recover and delete options, which previously were separate buttons within the main window. Selecting no images turns these options into Delete All and Recover All, making it easier to restore large bundles of images you removed by mistake.

Screenshot from iOS 17 developer beta 3, showing the new menu in the Recently Deleted album in the Photos app

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You also have the option to save multiple selected photos as a video, or feature a person less in your For You menu memories, just like you can in the main Photos interface.


If you've got a multi-colored bulb hooked up to the Home app, the interface now gives you some preset colors to use, both in-app and via Control Center.

A screenshot from iOS 17 developer beta 3, showing the new color selection options for smart bulbs in Control Center

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You can also check Activity History while you're in the app, letting you see what's been going on with your connected security devices. You can select how long history is saved for in the settings too.

This is just the initial list of changes found so far. We can expect more discoveries as beta testers spend more time with the software.

As we mentioned above, these changes are only available in the developer beta for now.  But they should be available as a public beta soon, and a final release in September around the expected release of the iPhone 15 series.

If you're curious about what else is changing with iOS 17, take a look at our feature round-ups for Spotlight, Safari and FaceTime, or our overall list of the best iOS 17 features coming to your iPhone soon.

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