Ready for a new iPhone? Apple just changed iPhone trade-in values

iPhone 14 Pro Max

You'll get more bang for your buck this summer if you decide to finally say goodbye to that older iPhone you've been holding onto. Apple's bumped up the maximum trade-in value for select iPhone series, which could help lower the price tag if you're looking to pick up one of the best iPhones anytime soon.

The new adjusted trade-in values are slowly inching back up to what Apple was willing to pay for older iPhones around this time last year. Apple dropped iPhone trade-in values in November and once again in January before increasing them slightly in March. It's still a far cry from their 2022 highs, but at least you can expect more in return for your older iPhone when you buy a new model directly from Apple.

The maximum value Apple will pay out has jumped from $600 to $640. That's the new trade-in value for an iPhone 13 Pro Max in good condition. The trade-in values of the iPhone 13 Pro and the standard iPhone 13 have also risen to $530 and $420, respectively. 

Meanwhile, many of Apple's smaller iPhone models saw their trade-in values drop. You'll now get up to $330 for your iPhone 13 mini, down from $350, while the iPhone 12 mini saw the biggest decrease of all the new adjusted trade-in values, from $250 to $200. 

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iPhone Trade-in Values (July 2023)
Row 0 - Cell 0 New valueOld value
iPhone 13 Pro Max$640$600
iPhone 13 Pro$530$500
iPhone 13$420$400
iPhone 13 mini$330$350
iPhone SE (2022)$160$160
iPhone 12 Pro Max$460$420
iPhone 12 Pro$360$330
iPhone 12$300$300
iPhone 12 mini$200$250
iPhone SE (2020)$90$100
iPhone 11 Pro Max$300$280
iPhone 11 Pro$250$230
iPhone 11$200$200
iPhone XS Max$200$200
iPhone XS$150$160
iPhone XR$150$150
iPhone X$120$130
iPhone 8 Plus$90$100
iPhone 8$70$75
iPhone 7 Plus$50$60
iPhone 7$40$40

Apple didn't say why it's increasing trade-in values on some models, though it's likely looking to boost iPhone 14 sales heading into the summer. With the iPhone 15 expected to launch this fall, Apple could be bumping up trade-in amounts to move more iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max units.

Shortly after the iPhone 14 series launched last September, things didn’t look particularly good for the non-Pro models. But Apple has since noted the regular iPhone 14's doing surprisingly well, with sales surpassing those of both models of iPhone 14 Pro, making it the top-selling version of Apple's smartphones in recent months. 

Whatever the reasoning behind it, the higher trade-in values give you a great opportunity to snag a new iPhone at a reduced cost when you buy through Apple. If you're wondering whether to hold off on upgrading your iPhone until this fall when Apple releases its latest models, our iPhone 15 vs. iPhone 14 guide breaks down all the rumored changes so far.

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