Hisense TVs 2020: 100-inch Laser TVs, Roku TVs and more

Hisense 2020 TVs - Hisense XD9G hands on
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Although the new Hisense 2020 TVs won’t hit stores until spring, it’s possible one of these sets could land the brand on our best TVs roundup. We have the details of every Hisense smart TV and coming this year, including prices and approximate release dates. 

We’ll update this story throughout the coming months as we get more information about when the Hisense 2020 TVs will be available to buy, or learn details the manufacturer has yet to announce.  

Here's everything we know so far about Hisense's 2020 TV lineup.

Hisense L5 series: Making Laser TVs happen

Hisense 2020 TVs - Hisense L5 Laser TV

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The standout among the Hisense 2020 TVs is actually a 100-inch projector. The L5 Series Laser TV projector follows up 2019’s 100L7T brilliant projector-display package, which caught our interest but came at too hefty a price for consumer appeal. The new L5 series starts at a lighter $5,999.

Though the L5 is still expensive for a home entertainment device, certain premium TVs could cost a lot more than this alternative. The concept of Laser TV technology – and projector setups in general – hasn’t quite taken off in the mass market, but bringing the price down could entice some to invest in the L5’s promise of a movie theater experience. Vivid colors, precise image control, built-in speakers and a TV tuner are some of the benefits Laser TV offers. 

Hisense’s L5 series will also sport Android TV, which powers several sets in this year’s line. Android TV is among the smartest smart TV platforms and benefits from the support of Google, which tends to add more apps more frequently than other systems. 

The L5 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser TV will become available in April 2020. 

Hisense H9G Quantum series: Better, with a price bump

Hisense 2020 TVs - H9G Quantum series

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When we reviewed the H9G’s predecessor, the Hisense H9F, we determined the $899 set is a solid competitor in the 65-inch 4K category. The Android TV-powered H9 series of the Hisense 2020 TVs earned upgrades that make it even more capable, like the addition of Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos and more local dimming zones.

The H9Gs also highlight Hisense’s proprietary ULED technology, which is not the same as OLED. ULED is the brand’s optimized LED/LCD display tech found in a number of its new 2020 TVs. 

Both the 55- and 65-inch variants of the H9G cost $100 more than 2019’s H95 models, though. Coming in April 2020, the 55-inch H9G is priced at $699.99 while the 65-inch version is $999.99. This is still considerably less than the top-tier TVs from brands like Samsung and Sony, however we expect Hisense’s cost-conscious competitors Vizio and TCL to offer similarly low prices this year.

Hisense XD9G series: Will it deliver?

Hisense 2020 TVs - Hisense XD9G series

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Another ULED option we’ll see among the Hisense 2020 TVs is the XD9G series. The XD9G employs Hisense’s Dual Cell panel, which merges separate 2K and 4K panels together. The 2K monochrome display acts as a sort of dynamic masking layer over a backlight with dimmable zones, potentially offering various enhancements to backlight and contrast control.

In fact, Hisense says the XD (for “extreme detail”) will challenge OLED’s contrast at a lower price point.

Hisense has not shared information about the XD9G yet, but when it arrives we look forward to finding out if it delivers an OLED-like experience at a more palatable cost. 

Hisense H8G Quantum series: More Quantum options

One rung below the XD9G/H9G models in the Hisense 2020 TVs lineup is the H8G Quantum Series. Following up the 2019 H8F TV, the new ULED H8Gs are getting the Quantum Dot color technology previously reserved for the H9 series. It’s adopting H9’s 2019 pricing, too, making us think the H8Gs will feel like a step up from the H8F in terms of performance.

Due in stores in March, the H8G Android TVs starts at $399.99 for the 50-inch model. The 55-inch version costs $499.99, the 65-inch version costs $699.99 and the largest 75-inch version costs $1,399.99.

Hisense R8F series: A 4K Hisense Roku TV you can already buy

Hisense 2020 TVs - Hisense R8F

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Hisense kicked 2020 off with a set it released in late 2019: The R8F Roku TV. As the first 4K ULED Roku TV from Hisense, the R8F looks the same as the Android TV-powered H8F but treads into one of our favorite smart TV platform’s territory. 

The R8F Series is available now at Walmart.com. You can get the 55-inch version for $499.99 and 65-inch one for $699.99.

Hisense H65G series: Get a 65-inch 4K TV for under $500

The H65G series sits towards the budget-end of the Hisense 2020 TVs. Also powered by Android TV, the H65G won’t benefit from quantum-dot-enhancement like the new H8 and H9 sets, but still promises an array of 4K Ultra-HD options. 

Coming sometime in Q2 2020, the H65G’s smallest 43-inch model starts at an affordable $269.99. The 50-inch version costs $299.99, the 55-inch version costs $329.99, the 65-inch version costs $479.99, the 75-inch version costs $899.99 and the largest 85-inch version costs $1,499.99.

Hisense R6E3 and H4G series: Low-cost Roku TVs

Hisense 2020 TVs - Hisense H4G

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Rounding out the Hisense 2020 TVs are the R6E3 and H4G series. Both support Roku’s smart TV platform and will be easy on your wallet.

Available later this year, the 43-inch 4K R6E3 TV costs $228, while the 50-inch version costs $248. The 65-inch model will cost $428 and the largest 75-inch model costs $798.

Also coming sometime in 2020, the H4G TVs start at $115 for the 32-inch model. The 40-inch version costs $178 and the 43-inch version costs $196.

Bottom line

This is all the information we have right now on the Hisense 2020 TVs, but we expect the company to announce or confirm more details as we approach the spring launch of several of these sets. We'll be updating this page with new information as we get it, so check back to stay up to date on all the new Hisense Laser, ULED and 4K smart TVs arriving in 2020.

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