Fortnite food truck locations map: How to find them all

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Finding a food truck in real life can be a very hit-and-miss experience. Thankfully, things are simpler in games. If you’re taking on the challenges in this season of Fortnite, then you’ll probably be looking to find the Fortnite food truck locations. The good news is that we’ve already found them for you, all you need to do is go and pay them a visit.  

 Fortnite food truck locations 

(Image credit: Epic Games)

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen food trucks in Fortnite, as they’ve been part of challenges before. However, this time around we get to find them in Chapter 2, so it’s a little more exciting for some. You only need to find three of these to complete the challenge that’s in the Remedy vs Toxin mission set, but there are more than three on the map, so we’ve marked them all on the map above. 

As is always the case with Fortnite missions, you’re better off doing this in Team Rumble if you’re looking to get it done as easily as possible. That way you can simply die and fly down to another location if you’re lucky enough. Just walk up to the food trucks to trigger the challenge counter, and once you’ve seen three you’ll be golden. 

The easiest three to get are the one northeast of Pleasant Park, the one to the south of Salty Springs, and the one north of Lazy Lake. However, you can do what you want, we’re not the boss of you. 

Once you’ve found all three different trucks the challenge will be done, and you’ll have no use for your knowledge of Fortnite Food Truck locations, so you’re best off trying to forget it. Just don’t forget that you’ve done the challenge in the first place, as that would be pretty confusing.