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Strava, the popular social media platform for runners, cyclists, and walkers, has today announced a new feature allowing users to message one another on the platform. You’ll now be able to direct message another user, or a group on the platform, to organize a group run or ride, without having to set up yet another WhatsApp or iMessage group. 

Read on to find out more, plus check out our Strava app review here if you're thinking of downloading it for the first time.

What is Strava messaging? 

Strava messaging is exactly what it sounds like — it allows you to message other users on the Strava platform without having to leave the app, or ask them for their phone number. Messaging only works on the Strava mobile app at this time. Using the messaging app, you’ll be able to send messages of kudos, co-ordinate runs or rides, or plan routes. 

Who you can send messages to depends on the individual’s privacy settings — you can decide between three different options on Strava messaging: “Following”, which allows anyone you follow to message you, “Mutuals” which means you both have to be following one another, or “No one”, which means only you will be able to start conversations with other people.

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To send a message to another Strava member, simply head to the athlete’s profile and tap the Message button. Read more about how to send messages on Strava here. It’s worth noting, that you’ll need to enter your date of birth to access messaging, so if you skipped this step when setting up your Strava account, you’ll need to go back and add it. 

Do you have to be a Strava Premium member? 

No, you do not have to be a Strava Premium member to message other members on the app. You can find out more about Strava Premium, and the benefits of signing up for a membership in our Strava app review here. 

Is it safe? 

Safety is a main concern for a lot of people on Strava — if you’re a creature of habit, your uploads will often reveal your regular running routes, and even where you live. I’ve written more about how to adjust the privacy settings on your Strava here, but when it comes to the new messaging feature, Strava has put several different measures in place. 

You can decide who can, or cannot message you on the platform pretty easily, but you can also block or filter unwanted messages. You can block individuals completely, which means they won’t be able to contact you, even if you’re in the same Group on Strava.

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