Chrome for Android just got a big time-saving upgrade — how to try it now

Chrome for Android
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Chrome for Android just got a handy update that can save you time. Simply put, you can now preview a page before actually going to it. This means you can avoid being rickrolled or going to a potentially dangerous page.

This comes via a new "Preview page" option (via 9to5Google) in the context menu when you long press on a link, sitting right between the incognito and copy link options. Doing so opens a preview window that slides over the current page.

The preview window will take up about 4/5 of your screen and acts like a completely separate window. You can scroll on the page as you normally would and even open links within the preview. However, you cannot preview within the preview, so be warned.

When the preview window appears, you'll see the site's favicon, article name and site address, an open button and an X to close it. You can also swipe the preview down to dismiss it. This new feature adds a whole new way to improve your mobile tab workflow, or just to see what a link is without actually opening it.

This is available in the stable Chrome branch on v89. It comes via a server-side update — I had it on my Pixel 5 and my Galaxy S21 Plus. Google has been working on this for quite some time, so it's good to see it hit prime time.

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