Call of Duty Mobile: Everything You Need to Know

Call of Duty has been one of the biggest and most important gaming franchises over the last two decades. And now it’s come to mobile in a very big way.

With Call of Duty: Mobile, you can take the first-person shooter experience with you on the go. And whether you’re at home or at work, you can play with up to 99 other people in a full-on battle royale. If you’d prefer to play a smaller multiplayer game, you can do that, too. And if you want to customize your loadouts, Call of Duty: Mobile has you covered.

Needless to say, Call of Duty: Mobile is a must-play. And below, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about mobile’s hottest game.

What Is Call of Duty: Mobile? 

Call of Duty: Mobile is a new first-person shooter available exclusively on mobile devices running iOS and Android. The game is currently only available in multiplayer and offers a slew of different modes, including deathmatch, battle royale, sniper vs. sniper, and more.

According to Activision, the title offers console-quality HD gaming with customizable controls. You can also engage in voice and text chatting, and get 3D sound. Best of all, Call of Duty: Mobile won’t cost you anything—unless you want some extras.

Where is Call of Duty: Mobile available? 

Call of Duty: Mobile is now available in the U.S., Europe, and many other countries around the world. In fact, to make it simple for users, Activision said that the title is available in every country where the Apple App Store and Google Play marketplace are available, except for Mainland China, Vietnam, and Belgium. 

Does Call of Duty: Mobile have controller support? 

While Call of Duty is exactly the kind of game you'd want to play with a controller, it doesn't appear you can do that quite yet. When asked about controller support on Oct. 1, the Activision Support Twitter account wrote that controllers are "no longer supported after the most recent update." There's no word yet if that's set to change.  

Call of Duty: Mobile in-app purchases: What can you buy? 

Looking to improve upon your Call of Duty: Mobile gaming experience? Activision is hoping that you spend some of your hard-earned cash on in-app purchases.

For a limited time, Activision is offering points and game packs for 99 cents. Going forward, however, you can expect to spend about $4.99 for the cheapest “Medium Pack” of Call of Duty points or up to $100 for the Prestige Pack of Call of Duty points.

Once you acquire the points, you can use them to get access to additional items and other content you’d otherwise get to by leveling up in the game. In other words, you can play Call of Duty: Mobile without paying anything and get all of the items you want, but if you want all of that more quickly, buy the points.

Which devices can I play Call of Duty: Mobile on? 

(Image credit: Activision)

You’ll be surprised by how many devices you can play Call of Duty: Mobile on. 

On the iOS side, as long as you’re running a device with iOS 9.0 or later, you can download Call of Duty: Mobile. You can play the game on everything from the iPhone 5s or newer, the iPad Air or newer, the iPad Mini 2 or newer, all iPad Pros, and the latest iPads.

The list is similarly long on the Android size, so suffice it to say that if you’re running a device with Android 4.3 or newer, you can play Call of Duty: Mobile.

What modes are in Call of Duty: Mobile?  

(Image credit: Activision)

For now, Call of Duty: Mobile is a multiplayer game, so you won’t be able to play the game on your own.

That said, there are plenty of different wants to play the game, including in private matches with friends or publicly with others. You can also participate in ranked battles..

Here’s a look at all of the current game modes:

  •  Team Deathmatch 
  •  Free-for-All 
  •  Frontline 
  •  Search and Destroy 
  •  Sniper Battle 
  •  Domination 
  •  Battle Royale 

What about Call of Duty: Mobile zombies? 

Call of Duty: Mobile doesn't seem to have the series' signature Zombies mode just yet. But since this is a mobile game that will likely get many updates over time, we wouldn't be surprised to see it pop up in the future. 

How many players does Battle Royale support? 

Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale features the option to play with up to 99 other people, or 100 people in total. The winner who survives wins. 

What maps are in Call of Duty: Mobile?  

(Image credit: Activision)

If you’re concerned about playing maps you don’t know anything about, don’t be. Call of Duty: Mobile features a slew of maps hand-selected as what the company calls “iconic” maps from Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. 

How do loadouts work in Call of Duty: Mobile? 

The more you play Call of Duty: Mobile, the higher you’ll level up. As you level up, the game will give you access to new weapons, gear, and characters. The more you get access to over time, the more you can customize your look, gear, and loadouts that you can bring in to all of the game modes. 

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