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Black Friday deals are coming to Lego — what you need to know

lego UCS at-at on a yellow background with black friday deal tag
(Image credit: Lego)

Lego is not well known for offering discounts, but Black Friday deals season is a whole other ball game. Which means loads of offers, rewards and potential discounts are on the way.

Lego already kicked things off by offering double VIP points on all purchases this past weekend, and it’s just revealed that more deals are coming on Black Friday itself. (opens in new tab)

The main benefit to buying over Black Friday is the latest batch of ‘gift with purchase’ offers, which get you extra stuff if you spend a certain amount of money. Spending $140 means you get to build ‘Santa’s Front Yard’ complete with Christmas trees, a reindeer, and elves. Spending over $40 in a Lego store over the Black Friday period gets you a miniature Christmas tree set.

And if you have money to burn, the new $800 AT-AT (opens in new tab) from The Empire Strikes Back comes bundled with a buildable model of Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber.

But that’s not all. Lego has also promised there will be discounts on selected Lego sets, as well as discounts on VIP rewards. The company never reveals what those sets are ahead of time, and have been a little disappointing the past few years. But there’s still a chance that set you’ve been eyeing up will have a rare price cut. 

Likewise VIPs will see their points go further, though the only confirmed discount is on Cyber Monday, where a $5 money-off voucher will be 455 VIP points instead of the usual 650. Cyber Monday also gives buyers the chance to get a free Lego-themed fleece blanket when they spend over $200.

Finally Lego will hold its annual VIP sweepstakes, with one million VIP points up for grabs. That hefty number of points can be redeemed for $7,600 worth of discounts and still have a few points left over at the end. And, since spending $1 earns you 6.5 points, you’d have to spend $153,847 to grind those all points the normal way.

If you’re not a VIP member, it’s worth signing up. It’s all free, and Lego will even give you a Blue minifigure keychain when you join. You can read all about VIP and Lego's plans for Black Friday on the Lego store website (opens in new tab).

Of course, you don’t have to buy directly from Lego itself, since other retailers stock a wide range of Lego products. Those retailers have already kicked off their Black Friday deals, meaning you can already enjoy some great Black Friday Lego deals.

Though more deals are bound to pop up in the coming days, so keep your eyes open. Lego can be expensive, and any savings are worth taking advantage of.

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