According to data from 120 million people, these are the most popular running shoes

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Strava is one of the most popular running apps, with more than 120 million users worldwide. As in years past, the app has released its ‘Year in Sport’ report, which looks at fitness trends across Strava’s users. The data analyzes activity uploads on Strava and answers taken from a report shared with Strava users. 

Running saw the highest number of uploads in 2023, followed by cycling and walking. But whether you’re training for a marathon, or a 5K, finding a pair of the best running shoes is essential. We’ve rounded up our top picks and found the best running shoes for women, the best Nike running shoes, and the best carbon fiber running shoes for race day, but read on to find out which shoes were the most popular with runners on Strava in 2023. 

Looking for the most popular running shoes on the market? According to users on Strava who tag their shoes to uploads, the running shoes with the biggest following are:

Hoka Clifton

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The Hoka Clifton is a popular neutral running shoe. We’re currently on the 9th iteration of the neutral shoe, which comes in two different widths to suit runners with wider feet. The Clifton 9 is lighter and snappier than the Clifton 8 and is a reliable shoe for easy miles. Clifton fans will still love this, but if you’re new to the line, and want a comfortable running shoe that’ll get you around your first 5K, or your next marathon training long run with ease, this is one to consider. 

Read our full Hoka Clifton 9 review here to find out more. 

Nike Pegasus

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Again, the Nike Pegasus is a fantastic neutral running shoe, best suited to easy miles. The current model on the market, the Nike Pegasus 40, is no exception. It’s important to note, this shoe is still, by no means ‘pillowy’ (if you’re after a super-cushioned ride, scroll down to the Nike Invincible Run 3); it’s still got that somewhat firmer snap the Pegasus has always had. It’ll get you around a marathon, or a 5K with ease and will perform well mile after mile. The 10mm drop is good for runners who don’t want to feel the pavement beneath their feet, but equally don't want a huge wedge of foam between them and the road. 

All in all, this is a brilliant shoe for the runner who only wants one pair of shoes in his or her closet. It's also our favorite version of the Pegasus yet. If you're on a budget, now is a good time to snap up a pair of the Nike Pegasus 39, as they are likely to be on sale now the newer shoes have been released. 

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Brooks Ghost

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Last, but by no means least, is the Brooks Ghost line, which was one of the most popular running shoes with female runners on Strava. The Brooks Ghost is one of the brand’s best-selling running shoes and is now on its 15th iteration. It’s an excellent beginner running shoe, with a soft, safe feel underfoot, and a relatively firm ride. With the Brooks Ghost 15, the brand has added its new DNA Loft v2 midsole foam and tweaked the upper to make it more comfortable and supportive. 

Read our Brooks Ghost 15 review here to find out more. 

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