Preserve your favorite songs for next year with Spotify’s Playlist in a Bottle

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The new year season is always a big time for Spotify users. There's Spotify Wrapped at the end of the previous year, which sees a flurry of social posts, allowing people to show off their tastes and flex their underground or artistic credentials. Now, though, there's also a new Spotify Playlist in a Bottle feature, which should help those with the January blues as well. 

Much like a time capsule, the Playlist in a Bottle will seal away (in your pick of container) a selection of songs of your choosing. The twist? You can’t listen to the playlist until January 2024. This is a great way to impress your future self with some tunes they’ve forgotten or make them laugh at how shocking your taste was a year ago. If you don’t know what to include in your Playlist in a Bottle, you could always start politely with “Hello” by Lionel Richie (or Adele). 

This guide will show you how to create a Playlist in a Bottle on Spotify.

How to create a Playlist in a Bottle on Spotify

1. On your smartphone visit: or scan the QR code below.  

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 2. If you didn’t use the QR code, you will need to sign in to your Spotify account

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3. Tap Next under the time capsule you'd like to send to 2024 you. This is purely for fun and will make no difference. Tap the arrows to switch between capsules.

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4. You will now be presented with a question. Type in the song that you wish to answer the prompt with, tap it, and then select Next

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5. Once you have answered at least three questions, tap I’m Done to finish your Playlist, or tap Keep Going to add more songs.  

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6. Once you’ve added enough songs, you will now get one final chance to make any changes. Tap Lock In when you’re happy with your time capsule playlist. 

Note: you only get one Playlist in a Bottle, so make sure it’s what you want your future self to hear. 

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 7. Your playlist has now been sealed and will be stored in the mysterious Spotify vaults until January 2024. Tap share for a social-media-friendly version. 

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There you go, don’t sweat about making the right decisions as it’s just a bit of fun and your 2024 self will love it, no doubt. Spotify will automatically let you know when it’s ready to open so set and forget for a new year’s surprise. 

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