Today's NYT Connections hints and answers — Tuesday, June 18, #373

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Connections today: Quick menu

Looking for today's Connections answers? The Connections answers on June 18 for puzzle #373 are slightly less challenging as yesterday's, with the Connections Companion rating this puzzle's difficulty at 3 out of 5.

Every day, we update this article with Connections hints and tips to help you find all 4 of today's answers. And if the hints aren't enough, you'll find all 4 answers below, with the category titles and the correlating words. Plus, we're including a reflection on yesterday's puzzle, #372, in case you're reading this in a different time zone.

Spoilers lie ahead for Connections #373. Only read on if you want to know today's Connections answers.  

Alternatively, visit our how to play NYT Connections guide for tips on how to solve the puzzle without our help.

Today's Connections answer — hints to help you solve it

Unlike our guide to today's Wordle answer, where we recommend the best Wordle start words as your strategy, solving Connections relies on identifying connecting categories among 16 words. Each category's difficulty level is represented by a color; yellow is the easiest grouping, and purple is the most challenging. Once you've made 4 mistakes in your guesses, the answers will be revealed, so hints can be helpful.

If you need hints to solve the groupings, then here are the themes of each, based on the order of difficulty:

  • 🟨 Yellow: Remote control buttons
  • 🟩 Green: Hide from view
  • 🟦 Blue: Drink Garnishes
  • 🟪 Purple: First word in Bond movie titles

These hints should get you at least some of the way towards finding today's Connections answers. If not, then you can read on for bigger clues; or, if you just want to know the answer, then scroll down further.

Here's a larger hint: Today's puzzle might have you considering a career or in espionage, or at the very least viewing one. Don't let your first instinct block your way

Today's Connections answers

So, what are today's Connections answers for game #373?

Drumroll, please...

  • 🟨 Remote control buttons: Channel, menu, power, volume
  • 🟩 Hide from view: Block, cover, screen, shield
  • 🟦 Drink Garnishes: Cherry, olive, sword, umbrella
  • 🟪 First word in Bond movie titles: Casino, diamonds, quantum, tomorrow

Today's puzzle, while on the easier side according to the Connections Guide, is very upfront in presenting obvious clues that should match. 

If you're like me, Casino catches your eye and you try to match Casino like things. 

But, what actually caught my eye was Block, shield and screen. Cover was a quick glance and Green was my first submission. 

Despite, still wanting Casino to be a thing, the Yellow category fell into place with power, channel and volume. I didn't want menu to be the last word but it was the only one that made sense. Voila, yellow down.

Blue quickly fell after as I saw the umbrella, cherry and olive. But then I recalled that I enjoy using the tiny plastic swords and umbrellas to poke cherries and olives when my cocktail is finished, and occasionally before. 

That of course, left the Casino, Diamonds, Quantum and Tomorrow. I didn't immediately make the James Bond connection, but with the other three categories combining, I think I now have a Bond movie marathon in my future!

Yesterday's Connections answers

Reading this in a later time zone? Here are the Connections answers for game #372, which had a difficulty rating of 3.3 out of 5, according to the Connections Companion.

Today's puzzle had me struggling for Connections answers, the clues would not fit together. It's like that sometimes. 

Right away, I was delivering packages and had the yellow almost immediately.  From there I had three of the Green category pretty quickly. The issue that I struggled with was looking for another word with "Lip" in front and not stepping back to consider what else those three had in common. 

Strangely, the word predicament never entered my thoughts as considered the Blue category. For a long while I was trying to force Angle into the mix but also never trust two long words going into the same category. 

Technically, a corner could be measure in degrees since it's usually the conjoining of two lines forming a triangle point. 

I got the blue category after fixing in on the purple category. Temperature degrees, education degrees. Angle made the most sense and I couldn't fit crime in the other line. 

Sometimes the clues come easy and it's swimming breezy but today the loops this brain needed to make were of a higher-order.

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