Stars Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection is a galaxy-sized disaster — here's what's broken

Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection
(Image credit: Aspyr)

Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection has suffered from its fair share of problems since launch. And now, developer Aspyr is providing some insight into why.

In response to Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection’s “Overwhelmingly Negative” rating on Steam, Aspyr thanked players for providing feedback and acknowledged the game has suffered from errors that, the company claims, it’s trying to address.

“At launch, we experienced critical errors with our network infrastructure,” Aspyr wrote on its website. “The result was incredibly high ping, matchmaking errors, crashes, and servers not appearing in the browser.”

Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection

(Image credit: Aspyr)

The company also said “[we are] working to address these issues and increase network stability, and we will continue our efforts until our network infrastructure is stabilized to prevent further outages.”

Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection launched on Steam on Thursday (March 14). The game includes both Star Wars Battlefront 1 and Star Wars Battlefront 2, as well as a host of extras, including additional characters and maps. However, as soon as the game launched, players found several curious problems, including the fact that it required 63GB of storage space to install, even though the individual Battlefront 1 and Battlefront 2 games only required a little more than 7GB each to install when they originally launched on Steam in the past.

If players successfully installed the games on their machines, they found that only 192 players could play simultaneously, despite thousands downloading at launch.

In today’s statement, Aspyr claims the servers were there and ready to accommodate players but weren’t “appearing in the browser.” It’s also worth noting that Aspyr didn’t mention the exceptionally high storage requirements for the game, despite many players complaining of the problem.

But that’s not all. Other players have complained in their Steam reviews of the game suffering from audio problems and issues with controllers not working properly. Those problems also weren’t addressed in Aspyr’s statement.

What’s unclear is what comes next. While Aspyr says it’s working on fixes, the company didn’t say when all the issues will be resolved. And it ended its statement with a request from the Steam community to help it find more problems.

“Please continue to report bugs, errors, or unexpected behaviors to our support team via our request form,” said the company.

We'll update keep you updated on the latest Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection news as we hear it. Expect hands-on impressions from us soon.

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