How to find and get Flame Organs in Palworld

A screenshot from Palworld showing the player approaching a Foxparks Pal in order to get a Flame Organ
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You'll need to know how to get Flame Organs in Palworld pretty early on in the game. Just like Ice Organs, Flame Organs are a necessary ingredient for crafting in Palworld. Specifically, you'll need Fire Organs for crafting fire weapons, such as Fire Bows and Fire Arrows, and for crafting items specific to flame Pals. 

As you might expect from a survival game, though, Palworld doesn't tell you where to find Flame Organs. So if you're a newcomer, you may be left scratching your head about where to look.

Luckily, finding Flame Organs in Palworld is simple enough. You simply need to figure out where to go and what Pals to fight, and this guide is here to take you through it. The steps below cover playing Palworld on either Xbox Series X | S or on one of the best gaming PCs via Steam.

Read on to see how to find and get Flame Organs in Palworld.

How to find and get Flame Organs in Palworld

  1. Locate a flame Pal (Foxparks is common)
  2. Defeat the flame Pal
  3. Pick up the dropped Flame Organs

Read on to see full illustrated instructions.

1. Find and fight a flame Pal

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To start with, you need to find a pal which drops Flame Organs. As you might have guessed, you're looking for flame-type Pals. A common and relatively easy-to-defeat pal is Foxparks. Locate a Foxparks or other flame Pal and fight them. Watch out, though, as even the lowly (and hella cute) Foxparks packs a heavy punch and can set you on fire. This can easily get the best of a newcomer to the game.

2. Pick up the dropped loot

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Once defeated, the Foxparks or other flame Pal will drop loot. Pick that loot up.

3. Check inventory for Flame Organs

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Flame Organs will now have been added to your inventory.

Simple, right? If you'd like more help with playing Palworld, you might want to read our guide on how to get Paldium in Palworld next. You might also like to discover why Palworld is already in hot water and why you should definnitely play Palworld on Steam instead of Xbox right now.

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