How to get Paldium in Palworld

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You’ll want to know how to get Paldium as soon as you start Palworld. It’s an important resource that allows you to craft Pal Spheres, which you’ll need to craft in order to start capturing Pals. 

If you’re just starting out in Palworld, though, you might not be clear on how to actually get your hands on Paldium. One of your first objectives is to craft Pal Spheres, but the game doesn’t tell you how or where to get the Paldium you’ll need.

Luckily, there are a few ways to get Paldium, all of them being easy, and Paldium will not be located far away from where you start. We’ll cover the most basic method here, as it’s the one you’ll need to use straight away when you dive into the game. This method also applies whether you're playing Palworld on Xbox Series X | S or via Steam on of one of the best gaming PCs.

Ready? Here’s how to get Paldium in Palworld.

How to get Paldium in Palworld — what you’ll need and where to find it

  • Craft a pickaxe
  • Locate the blue Paldium deposits (near water)
  • Mine the Paldium deposits with the pickaxe

Read on to see full detailed instructions.

1. Craft a pickaxe

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There are a few ways to find Paldium. It’s often located in loot chests, for example, and can sometimes simply be found lying around on the ground (a bright blue rock). Later in the game you’ll also be able to automate the production process at your base, but if you’re searching for how to find Paldium, chances are you’re just starting out and need a simple but reliable process for regularly obtaining Paldium straight away.

The best method is to mine Paldium, and for that you’ll need the stone pickaxe. Gather enough wood and stone to build a workbench and pickaxe, then craft a stone pickaxe.

2. Locate the blue Paldium deposits (near water)

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You’ll now need to locate a Paldium deposit. These are bright blue, so very easy to find — get to a high vantage point and you should be able to see Paldium deposits around you near water sources. It’s especially easy to spot them during nighttime, as their bright blue stands out in the dark.

3. Mine the Paldium deposits with the pickaxe

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Now equip your pickaxe, then approach a deposit and hit the Paldium deposits with it. You will see that Paldium is being added to your inventory.

Now you know how to get Paldium, there’s nothing stopping you from catching as many Pals as you can. You may also be interested in reading about why Palworld may already be in trouble, and finding out why you should play Palworld on Steam instead of Xbox.

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