3 best true crime documentaries on Hulu right now June 2024

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True crime has proven itself to be a massively popular genre on streaming, with nearly every streaming service having a robust lineup of true crime stories for the case-obsessed to watch. Hulu subscribers specifically have quite a lot to binge in this genre, thanks in part to this platform being the streaming home of ABC News Studios, which produces regular true crime documentaries. 

Though there are dozens of titles to choose from on this platform, if you're looking to dive in with some of the most compelling true crime documentaries on Hulu, we've got your starting lineup right here.

'Wild Crime'

"Wild Crime" is a true crime documentary series focusing on crimes committed in the wilderness, where the elements can easily sweep away evidence. The first two seasons focus on different crimes that have taken place within the vast landscapes of America's National Park System, and highlight the work of the National Park Service Special Agents who are tasked with investigating these often complex and challenging crimes.

The most recent season, "Wild Crime: Blood Mountain"  follows the story of hiker  Meredith Emerson, who vanishes while hiking Blood Mountain in Georgia, along with her dog. Though the disappearance initially looks like an isolated incident, the case takes a dark turn when murdered hikers are discovered on other trails across the Southeastern United States.

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‘How I Caught My Killer' 

The docuseries "How I Caught My Killer" has a unique format that aims to give victims a voice during the investigation of their murder. Each episode centers on a real-life homicide case where the victim, through regular actions like social media posting, unusual text activity, or location sharing, was able to provide critical evidence to help solve their own murder.

The first season of the show features nine cases, including that of John Ray, a man who, despite being paralyzed, left a hidden message that helped identify his killer, and Ben Renick, a reptile breeder whose unusual text message exchange with a business associate provided vital insight into his final days that helped detectives close the case. 

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‘The Secrets of Hillsong’ 

While not about murder or detective work, "The Secrets of Hillsong" is still a compelling true crime documentary that exposes the dark side of Hillsong Church. This once-lauded megachurch not only recounts allegations of extreme misconduct among the highest-ranking members of the church but also shows the unthinkable lengths that Hillsong leaders went to to cover up abuse within the church.  

The four-part documentary series includes interviews with former pastors and congregants, who recount how the church's image was routinely prioritized instead of addressing criminal activity within its leadership, which goes as far back as the 1990s. 

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