Best iPhone SE (2022) cases in 2024

best iphone se 2022 cases
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With no iPhone SE 4 expected until next year, you're going to want one of the best iPhone SE (2022) cases to make sure your current handset stays safe and sound. A good case can help your $429 phone avoid costly damage should gravity do its thing and your iPhone takes an unexpected tumble.

And those falls could prove costly. Our iPhone SE drop testing shows that as tough as this iPhone is, you can rack up some damage should your phone hit the ground unprotected. And that's not even considering things like scratches from items in your pocket or smudges from your fingers. A case guards against all those things, and even adds some style to your Phone SE (2022).

Even two years after the current iPhone SE's release, you've got some choices when it comes to finding the best iPhone SE cases. And with the current model's dimensions matching the size of the iPhone SE (2020), you've got additional options.

From simple bumper cases to more elaborate accessories. here are the best iPhone SE (2022) cases we've come across in our research.

The best iPhone SE (2022 cases right now

How to choose the best iPhone SE (2022) case for you

When shopping for a case, make sure that it's specifically built for the iPhone SE. Fortunately, cases that fit the 2020 model also work with the iPhone SE (2022), as Apple hasn't changed the size. Still, most case makers will specifically note compatibility with the current model.

Otherwise, you're looking for the factors that normally guide shopping for phone cases. Start by seeing what kind of drop protection a case offers and whether there are additional features like kickstands, slots for credits cards and cash and other add-ons. It's helpful to also know if your would-be iPhone SE case is backed by a warranty.

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