TikTok launches Symphony — an AI assistant that makes it easier to create amazing content

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TikTok has announced TikTok Symphony, a "new suite of creative solutions powered by generative AI" that's "designed to make content creation easier than ever for marketers and creators alike, simplifying the creative process while scaling it to new dimensions."

That comes via a blog post from the social media platform, noting that Creative Assistant has "evolved" into Symphony Assistant. From the included gif in the post, it'll seemingly help produce a script, find new creative ideas, and more.

Symphony will be available as part of Adobe Express and will also roll out to TikTok's Ads Manager program, with auto-diagnostics and fixing, optimization tools, and display cards that can be created from AI.

TikTok's Symphony features should make content creation easier

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It can  import assets and a URL for whatever the topic of your content is and generate a video in "less than 60 seconds", including stock avatars created from footage of paid actors that are licensed for commercial use.

It's worth remembering that as iffy as this may sound for those users working hard to create their own content, TikTok automatically labels AI-generated content and is one of the first social media platforms to do so. That could help identify 'deepfake' content in the future.

Other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube offer manual labelling of AI-generated content but it doesn't happen automatically.

Adobe Express to receive TikTok Commercial Library

Adobe and TikTok

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Using the Symphony Assistant add-on in Adobe Express will let users of the creation app, and its underlying Firefly generative AI tools, work with TikTok's huge Commercial Music Library of assets as of June 17.

"With TikTok’s Commercial Music Library accessible from within Adobe Express, marketers and advertisers can quickly create, score and publish on-trend TikTok-first content at the speed of social," the Adobe blog post explains.

According to TikTok's own blog, users will get "support throughout the content creation process" within Express, and a focus on TikTok as a platform.

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