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Turn Your Tablet into a Free Phone

20 Tips and Tricks for Android "Froyo" Tablets

Most tablets these days don’t include calling capabilities, even those with a mobile data plan that are connected to cell towers 24/7. But just because you can’t place a voice call over the cellular network doesn’t mean you can’t make a data call. With an SIP account and phone number, you can make or receive phone calls directly from your tablet.

Doing this does have a few requirements though. Most importantly, you need to have an SIP phone number (in other words, a VOIP number) that allows free calling. Up until recently, such SIP numbers were simple and free to obtain from services like Gizmo5 (recently purchased by Google) and SipGate (not currently accepting new accounts), but now the free method takes a combination of services like CallCentric and IPKall. You will also need a Google Voice account, and a few free apps from the Android Market: Google Voice Callback, CSipSimple, and a dialer (such as Dialer One). A user over at has created an excellent step-by-step guide detailing the current free VOIP setup. His thread is still very much active and should hopefully remain so, as to keep up with the ever changing flux of the SIP/VOIP world.

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