BlackBerry Messenger 7 Beta Adds Free Voice Call Feature

RIM has introduced a free voice chat feature in BlackBerry Messenger through the service's latest beta build.

Included in the BlackBerry Messenger 7 update, the new feature gives BlackBerry owners the opportunity to talk to their contacts -- in order to utilize the feature, users have to be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

'Split-screen' functionality has been implemented into the service, with BBM users now able to switch between text and voice chat when they wish. Alternatively, they can use both together simultaneously.

In addition, BlackBerry Messenger 7 allows users to make use of various other functions on their device while in voice chat, including reading texts and emails, as well as navigating through apps.

Another notable feature is BlackBerry ID, which backs up your BBM contacts, profiles and groups. Such information is then automatically restored upon a new BlackBerry device being activated.

Currently, BBM 7 beta is available to BlackBerry 6 devices and higher. Users can sign up to the beta by going to BlackBerry's Beta Zone.

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  • computernerdforlife
    Great! Now put this on my Playbook you basta...!
  • AidanJC
    Phone providers will not be impressed by this..
  • fuzzion
    BB10 , the duke nukem of the phone OS world