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Whether you're on a desktop, tablet, smartphone or console, Tom's Guide brings you the latest gaming news, reviews, and top games for your devices.


The PlayStation Vita Slim sports a sleeker design, longer battery life and more games than the original, but the controls could be better.


WildStar is a deep, rewarding experience for MMORPG vets but may put off newcomers to the genre.

Downloads for Gaming

software editor's choice
  • Great Little War Game 2 - free

    Enjoy little war games on your Android with Great Little War Game 2.

    available for : android
  • NetHack - free

    A classic not to be missed playing is NetHack.

    available for : windows
  • Hercules : The Official Game - free

    Play the legendary hero of Greece on your iPhone with Hercules : The Official Game.

    available for : iphone os
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news - JULY 25 16

Here's everything you need to know about Activision's upcoming sci-fi shooter 'Destiny.'

news - JULY 25 0

Agent Jameson Locke investigates a new danger in the upcoming Halo tie-in miniseries Halo: Nightfall.

news - JULY 25 0

Oculus VR and Samsung are reportedly working together to bring virtual reality to your head via your phone.

news - JULY 24 0

Stumped by the video-game jargon your friends, family and co-workers toss around? Here's our glossary of gaming terms.

news - JULY 24 1

Valve's upcoming Steam controller has already seen two different designs, but a new one finally adds an analog stick.

news - JULY 23 0

Haunt an old house in The Wayward Manor, a puzzle game that blends a snazzy jazz score with writing from fantasy author Neil Gaiman.

news - JULY 23 4

We're talking 'Destiny' for our debut Give Me Games! podcast, and are ready to answer your questions.

news - JULY 22 2

The Curse of Naxxramas, the free expansion pack for Blizzard's card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, is out for PC, Mac and iOS.

reviews - JULY 22 0

Time is running out for Clementine and her group in the next installment of the zombie-horror video game The Walking Dead Season Two.

news - JULY 22 0

A new Wii U firmware update will help if you're buying a replacement system, a new controller or (in Japan) alternate forms of payment.

news - JULY 22 0

Here's our first look at Halo 5's Agent Locke, who will be in the Halo: Nightfall TV series before appearing in next year's game.

news - JULY 21 0

'Modern Combat 5' will hit Windows devices the same day as iOS and Android, as will all of Gameloft's titles for the rest of 2014.

reviews - JULY 21 0

Looking to get in on Google's innovative Ingress AR game? Here are some tips to get started.

news - JULY 21 1

A new motion controller could take your virtual shooting sprees to the next level.

news - JULY 18 15

At Quakecon in Dallas, fans got a glimpse of the next Doom, which will be a brutal reboot complete with cyberdemons and super-fast gameplay.

news - JULY 18 4

Oculus VR is reportedly building motion control peripherals to work in conjunction with its virtual reality headsets.

news - JULY 17 4

Microsoft has shuttered its Xbox Entertainment division, but select projects such as the 'Halo' TV show will survive the cut.

news - JULY 16 11

Activision's upcoming 'Destiny' game has PlayStation-exclusive goodies that Xbox fans will have to wait a year to enjoy.

news - JULY 16 4

A devoted Star Wars fan is recreating every minute of 'A New Hope' -- in Minecraft.

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