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Whether you're on a desktop, tablet, smartphone or console, Tom's Guide brings you the latest gaming news, reviews, and top games for your devices.


Hyrule Warriors is like candy: colorful, fun, easy to digest and tempting to binge on, but it won't satisfy your gaming appetite.


Angry Birds Stella is a rebuild of the Angry Birds mechanics that will keep fans happy, despite its unoriginal story and overwhelming ads.

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  • Wise Game Booster - free

    Speed up and maximize your gaming with Wise Game Booster.

    available for : windows
  • Red Bull Air Race The Game - free

    Precision and speed are that matters in Red Bull Air Race The Game for the iPhone.

    available for : iphone os
  • Great Little War Game 2 - free

    Enjoy little war games on your Android with Great Little War Game 2.

    available for : android
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news - SEPTEMBER 16 46

The online movement called GamerGate may pretend to be about journalistic ethics, but it's really about harassment and exclusion.

Tutorial - JULY 14

With the hundreds of options when looking for a gaming laptop, it's hard to find the one that fully suites your needs. I hope this guide will...

news - SEPTEMBER 16 29

Mojang could be just what Microsoft needs to give the Xbox One an edge — or it could be one of the most expensive gaffes in gaming history.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 0

Bloodshed and gore, morally reprehensible behavior, intense violence; all just par for the course when it comes to violent video games.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 0

Thinking about making war in Hyrule? Read this primer for everything you need to know about the next Legend of Zelda game.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 0

Nintendo is blocking some of the ancillary functions in Super Smash Bros. for those who play it on their ancient 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS models.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 0

Microsoft has officially acquired Mojang, developer of Minecraft, and what that means for the wildly popular building sim is not yet clear.

news - SEPTEMBER 12 2

Gamers who use Twitch are at risk for a nasty program that can compromise their Steam libraries and cost them quite a bit of real money.

news - SEPTEMBER 12 0

On this week of Give Me Games! We talk Nintendo, Amazon's Twitch buyout and how to foster a better internet commenting culture.

news - SEPTEMBER 12 13

Microsoft may be working a cloud technology that will stream Xbox 360 games right into Internet browsers, letting users play them on PCs.

picture story - SEPTEMBER 10 3

From andrenaline-pumping 3D shooters and racers to smart strategy games and charming indies, these are the 20 best iOS games.

news - SEPTEMBER 10 1

The first game for Apple's recently announced iWatch will be iArm Wrestle Champs!, a fairly unassuming arm wrestling simulator.

news - SEPTEMBER 9 22

Here's everything you need to know about Activision's blockbuster sci-fi shooter 'Destiny.'

reviews - SEPTEMBER 8 7

A detailed emotions mechanic makes this the most gamelike Sims yet.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 5 0

The Logitech G19s is a solid keyboard with great software, but it has an LCD screen of questionable use and a high price, making it hard to recommend.

news - SEPTEMBER 5 0

Intel's RealSense lets users control sophisticated onscreen action with their hands and voices rather than simple gestures and commands.

news - SEPTEMBER 3 1

The Sony Xperia Z3 devices will support PS4 remote play, letting players take their games seamlessly onto a small screen.

news - SEPTEMBER 3 2

Samsung and Oculus VR have teamed up for the Gear VR, an immersive virtual reality headset powered by the Galaxy Note 4 that you can take anywhere.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 2 0

Despite being an award-winning sci-fi game with strong horror elements, BioShock for iOS suffers from poor controls and visuals.

news - AUGUST 29 1

On the latest episode of Give Me Games! We talk Tomb Raider, Tales of Xillia 2 and lots of other games that don't start with a T.

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