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Whether you're on a desktop, tablet, smartphone or console, Tom's Guide brings you the latest gaming news, reviews, and top games for your devices.


The Lenovo Erazer X510 gaming PC provides zippy performance and flexible customization for an entry-level price.


Despite the system's limitations, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS successfully brings the frenzied fighting series to a portable platform.

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news - SEPTEMBER 29 3

A bug in popular shooter Destiny seems to show that most of the game's upcoming content has been on the original discs all along.

Tutorial - JULY 14

With the hundreds of options when looking for a gaming laptop, it's hard to find the one that fully suites your needs. I hope this guide will...

news - SEPTEMBER 26 0

After weeks of sleeplessly playing Destiny, we've got our final verdict on the game on this week's Give Me Games! podcast.

news - SEPTEMBER 26 0

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, the latest Lord of the Rings tie-in, is just around the corner, and the reviews are starting to trickle in.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 25 2

In Age of Empires: Castle Siege, the most compelling choice you'll make is whether to waste your money or your time.

news - SEPTEMBER 25 2

If you want to know how Shadow of Mordor ties into Tolkien lore you know, here's some information on the newest adventure in Middle-earth.

news - SEPTEMBER 25 0

Steam Music is now officially a part of the popular gaming platform, and using it is about as simple as can be.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 24 1

Defense Grid 2 offers tight strategic gameplay with a wealth of options and a story that's much better than it needs to be.

news - SEPTEMBER 24 1

If you want a copy of FIFA 15, you should probably buy it through legitimate channels; the illicit download links appear to lead to malware.

news - SEPTEMBER 24 0

After seven years in development, Blizzard's ambitious MMO title Titan is no more, but fans still don't know much about the game.

news - SEPTEMBER 23 0

Five new indie games were featured at the No Quarter game exposition held in New York City.

news - SEPTEMBER 23 0

Steam Discovery, a series of tools to get personalized recommendations, streamlines the process of finding new games to purchase.

news - SEPTEMBER 22 8

Minecraft could eventually land on Windows Phone, according to a tweet from Xbox's Phil Spencer.

news - SEPTEMBER 22 0

The first wave of games to utilize iOS 8's Metal graphics engine has hit the App Store.

picture story - SEPTEMBER 19 1

Whether you're looking for a casual pastime or a hardcore challenge, Facebook's bound to have something for you!

reviews - SEPTEMBER 17 1

Hyrule Warriors is like candy: colorful, fun, easy to digest and tempting to binge on, but it won't satisfy your gaming appetite.

reviews - SEPTEMBER 17 0

Angry Birds Stella is a rebuild of the Angry Birds mechanics that will keep fans happy, despite its unoriginal story and overwhelming ads.

news - SEPTEMBER 16 48

The online movement called GamerGate may pretend to be about journalistic ethics, but it's really about harassment and exclusion.

news - SEPTEMBER 16 29

Mojang could be just what Microsoft needs to give the Xbox One an edge — or it could be one of the most expensive gaffes in gaming history.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 0

Bloodshed and gore, morally reprehensible behavior, intense violence; all just par for the course when it comes to violent video games.

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