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Whether you're on a desktop, tablet, smartphone or console, Tom's Guide brings you the latest gaming news, reviews, and top games for your devices.


The PlayStation isn't exactly broken, but it is compromised, semi-functional and in dire need of more content.


Check out some of the most inspired and creative costumes from New York Comic Con 2014, from video games to comics to movies and beyond.

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news - OCTOBER 16 1

Based on current trends in visual engineering, you may soon be able to create a faithful VR experience right from your phone.

Tutorial - JULY 14

With the hundreds of options when looking for a gaming laptop, it's hard to find the one that fully suites your needs. I hope this guide will...

news - OCTOBER 14 0

Play popular indie video games right from your browser thanks to Mozilla's Humble Bundle pack, which goes live today.

news - OCTOBER 14 1

An enterprising young developer has discovered how to run Game Boy games that are older than he is on the small-screened smartwatches.

news - OCTOBER 13 0

This cardboard pair of goggles turns your iPhone or Android device into a virtual reality viewer for just $25.

news - OCTOBER 13 0

Capcom showed off a new build of Monster Hunter 4 at NYCC 2014, while revealing new pieces of Metroid and Mega Man-themed armor.

news - OCTOBER 13 0

Square Enix serves up a stripped-down version of Hitman with a heaping side of competition.

news - OCTOBER 13 0

We checked out the most recent build of moody, menacing first-person shooter Killing Floor 2.

news - OCTOBER 12 2

Lords of the Fallen offers the same kind of brutal combat and dark aesthetic as Dark Souls with a much more story-driven, streamlined quest.

news - OCTOBER 12 0

Demoing at New York Comic-Con, upcoming video game Resident Evil: Revelations 2 aims to return to the series’ horror roots.

news - OCTOBER 11 0

At NYCC 2014, a panel of games journalists recapped the highs and lows of the industry's first year with Xbox One and PS4.

news - OCTOBER 11 0

Dragonball Xenoverse offers an impressive roster of characters and enough high-flying combat to please anyone who grew up with the show.

news - OCTOBER 10 3

Video games have the potential to help students tackle education in a fundamentally different way, and classrooms are embracing them.

news - OCTOBER 10 1

The upcoming Tales of Hearts R for the PlayStation Vita has a handful of exciting new features, including PlayStation TV compatibility.

news - OCTOBER 9 0

Get ready to brawl: This week's Give Me Games! podcast is all about Super Smash Bros. and Shadow of Mordor.

news - OCTOBER 9 0

Marvel: Contest of Champions is a new mobile fighting game that offers fast-paced action and a vast roster of iconic characters.

news - OCTOBER 9 0

Lara Croft returns Dec. 9 in a hack-and-slash spinoff of the classic Tomb Raider series called Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris.

news - OCTOBER 9 0

The Inquisitor fights through a swamp on a rescue mission in this hands-on demo of upcoming video game Dragon Age: Inquisition.

news - OCTOBER 9 1

Square Enix is releasing just about every game in the Dragon Quest series on mobile devices, with Dragon Quest II joining the ranks today.

news - OCTOBER 8 1

We checked out Life Is Strange, an upcoming episodic video game about a teenage girl who can rewind time.

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