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Whether you're on a desktop, tablet, smartphone or console, Tom's Guide brings you the latest gaming news, reviews, and top games for your devices.


From next-gen blockbusters like "Titanfall" and "Watch Dogs" to indie games like "Transistor," here are 2014's most anticipated games.


From andrenaline-pumping 3D shooters and racers to smart strategy games and charming indies, these are the 20 best iOS games.

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news - APRIL 22 1

They know everything about you! Digital Shadow, a promotion for the game 'Watch Dogs,' scrapes your Facebook profile for personal data.

news - APRIL 18 0

Plenty of games feature magic and curses; it's rarer to see one whose lines are all verses.

news - APRIL 18 1

A new phishing scam targets Steam gamers by attempting to trick them into handing over their usernames, passwords and a security file.

reviews - APRIL 17 2

The Xornet offers just enough to please FPS gamers on the go without compromising many important features.

news - APRIL 17 3

Sony's latest software update for the PS4 will finally add video editing tools, as well as a few other useful features.

news - APRIL 16 0

Inspired by film noir, 'Third Eye Crime' features a telepathic art thief in a challenging and fun puzzle game for iOS.

news - APRIL 16 7

A $2.99 upgrade will soon add Snoop Dogg's voice to your multiplayer 'Call of Duty: Ghosts' sessions.

reviews - APRIL 15 11

With thousands of other players logged in to Elder Scrolls Online, Tamriel has never felt more like a real place.

picture story - APRIL 15 0

This year, PAX East played host to intergalactic adventurers, pirate captains, legendary martial artists and more.

reviews - APRIL 15 3

The Anker 8200 demonstrates that a number of small annoyances can add up to a gaming mouse that feels like less than the sum of its parts.

news - APRIL 15 2

What happened on this dead world? You must write the story in the experimental indie game 'Elegy for a Dead World,' demoed at PAX East.

news - APRIL 15 1

The Corsair Vengeance K70 keyboard now supports Cherry MX Blue and Brown switches, which will make it accessible to even more fans.

news - APRIL 15 3

What lies below? That's the secret worth dying for in indie game "Below," which was playable for the first time at PAX East in Boston.

news - APRIL 14 3

'Wildstar' is a lighthearted sci-fi MMO with enough action-packed combat and quirky humor to give even jaded genre fans something new.

news - APRIL 14 0

It's as fun as it is beautiful: We went hands-on with the upcoming indie game 'Transistor' by the makers of 'Bastion' at PAX East.

picture story - APRIL 14 0

From playable fairy tales to brutal first-person shooters, these are our favorite games from PAX East 2014.

news - APRIL 14 -2

Find the best gaming mouse for your needs. We pick top models for MMO gaming, RTS, FPS and specialty mice for Mac users and lefties.

news - APRIL 14 1

'Defense Grid 2' charges players with building towers to repel an alien invasion, and its polished gameplay makes it hard to put down.

news - APRIL 14 0

Press Play, an indie studio under Microsoft's wing, hopes that its new platformer, 'Project Totem,' will be a feather in the Xbox's cap.

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