Quick! Take up to $600 off the Purple mattress in brand new sale — here's how

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The Purple Original mattress remains one of the most popular mattresses on the market, thanks to its pressure relieving support and competitive price point — and, with savings of up to $600, there’s never been a better time to buy one. Right now, you can buy a queen size Purple Original mattress for just $999 from Mattress Warehouse, which is a considerable $200 cheaper than if you bought it directly from Purple.  

Like all the best mattresses, the Purple mattress strikes a keen balance between comfort and support, as well as quality craftsmanship. Its unique GelGrid Tech layer contours the body, which helps soothe achy joints while keeping the spine correctly aligned — which is why it ranks so highly in our best mattress in a box guide.   

As the Presidents’ Day mattress sales draws ever closer, many mattress brands are slashing their prices ahead of the big day. But while Purple are offering a $200 saving across all their mattress sizes as part of their Purple mattress sale, Mattress Warehouse has undercut this price by offering up to $600 off of the same mattress. But will Mattress Warehouse honor the same 10 year warranty available if you buy directly from Purple? Let’s find out. 

The Purple Mattress by Purple Was: Now:$599 at Mattress Warehouse 

The Purple Mattress by Purple
Was: from $999
Now: from $599 at Mattress Warehouse 

Summary: The Purple Original has a medium-firm sleep surface, which makes it a comfortable choice for most sleepers. However, side sleepers in particular will appreciate its cushioning support across the hips, shoulder and knees. The 2” surface layer adapts to your movements, which provides blissful pressure relief for achy joints. As well as delivering contouring comfort, the brand’s innovative Gel Flex grid technology also dissipates heat, making it one of the best memory foam mattresses for temperature regulation. In our Purple Original mattress review, our testers found that the mattress was ideal for couples as its polymer technology reduced motion transfer well. Edge support could be better, but overall this is an excellent mattress at an even better price. 

Price History: Purple mattress deals do happen, but they tend to be a little on the conservative side. For example, buying directly from Purple today means saving up to $200 on all mattress sizes. At Mattress Warehouse, you can save up to $600, with savings starting at $400 off a twin size mattress. However, we have seen savings reach $400 in the past, so if you aren’t in a rush and you’d prefer to buy directly from Purple, that’s also a good option. 

Benefits: Buying directly from Purple makes you eligible for a 100 night sleep trial, free shipping, plus a 10 year warranty. While Mattress Warehouse will honor the same 100 night sleep trial, there’s no mention of the same ten year warranty. Instead, Mattress Warehouse state that they will work with the customer to make a claim if needed - which doesn’t provide much clarity. We suggest reading through the Mattress Warehouse warranty fine print before committing. 

Should you buy directly from the manufacturer?

At Tom's Guide, we always recommend buying directly from the mattress manufacturer. Doing so entitles you to the best benefits from the brand, including competitive sleep trials, returns policies and warranty periods, should anything go wrong or you change your mind. 

However, if a separate outlet can honor the same benefits of the mattress brand - and offer a better price - then this can also be a good option. Our advice would be to make sure you have written confirmation of any sleep trials, returns processes or warranty periods before you make your purchase. A mattress purchase is a big investment and it's important that your purchase is protected, regardless of who you buy it from.

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