I’m a sleep writer with back pain — this is the Saatva Memorial Day mattress sale I've been waiting for

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As a sleep writer with recurring lower back pain, there’s one mattress that I always look out for during sale season — that’s the Saatva Rx, Saatva’s best mattress for back pain. Our exclusive Saatva sale takes $400 off of all sizes of the Saatva Rx, which means you can buy a queen size Saatva RX mattress for just $2,895 — that matches the savings we saw during Black Friday. 

We deem the Saatva Rx to be the best mattress for back pain, thanks to its unique balance of comfort, pressure relief and spinal support. While the Saatva Classic is a great option for those with general aches and pains, the Saatva Rx is geared specifically towards those with chronic back pain and ailments, such as sciatica, arthritis, scoliosis and joint pain.

This is one of the standout Memorial Day mattress sales we’re likely to see this sale season, so if you’ve had your eye on the Saatva Rx for a while but have been waiting for the best time to buy — this is it. Benefits include a generous 365 night sleep trial, a lifetime warranty and free white glove delivery. Let’s take a closer look at this deal. 

Saatva Rx mattress
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Now from:

Saatva Rx mattress
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$1,595 at Saatva with our exclusive link
: $400 on all mattress sizes

Summary: The Saatva Rx tops our best mattress for back pain guide and is touted as a luxury solution to chronic back pain and joint conditions. During our Saatva Rx mattress review, our lead tester - who suffers from mild scoliosis and lower back pain - felt a marked improvement in her pain during her four-week stint sleeping on the bed. The Saatva Rx is an innerspring, so crafted from a combination of coils sandwiched between two dense layers of foam for support, topped with a gel-infused memory foam lumbar crown. The results are a unique combination of full body comfort, superb spine support and blissful pressure relief. 

Price history: Saatva sales usually operate on a tiered system, with the best discounts offered on the largest mattresses. Without our exclusive Saatva sale access, you  can get $200 off a twin, $350 off of a queen, and $400 off of a queen. However, by following the link below, you can take $400 off of every mattress size. This brings the price of a queen Saatva RX mattress down to $2,895, which is just as cheap as it was during Black Friday. 

Benefits: 365 night sleep trial | Lifetime warranty | Free white glove delivery 

Which is the best Saatva mattress for back pain? 

Both the Saatva Classic and the Saatva RX feature in our best mattress for back pain buying guide and both offer outstanding pressure relief and comfort for those with back and joint pain. However, the Rx has been specifically engineered to be luxury solution to chronic back and joint ailments. 

The Saatva Classic comes in a choice of three firmness levels, Plush Soft, Luxury Firm and Firm and two different heights, 11.5" or 14.5". Meanwhile the Saatva Rx comes in one firmness level which Saatva calls Supportive Plush. However, our reviewer rated it as 7.5/10 for firmness, which helps prevent the spine from dipping out of alignment when sleeping while still absorbing any pressure from the touch points of the mattress. 

As a specialist bed, the Saatva Rx is pricier than the Saatva Classic - at MSRP, a queen size Rx is $3,295 while a queen size Classic is $2,095. However, our exclusive Saatva sale takes $400 off all sizes of both beds. 

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