Supersize Your TV for $300: Build Your Own XGA Projector!

Very Important: Permanent Cooling For The LCD Panel

Because of the incredibly high power consumption of the lamp (400 W), our homemade projector needs sufficient cooling - the integrated fan in the Liesegang projector just doesn't cut the mustard. Heat build-up occurs especially between the projector's LCD panel and glass top, due to thermal conduction from the lamp that can only be prevented by permanent air circulation.

The initial sign of the display overheating is a brown ring that appears in the area that gets too hot, which shrinks again when the unit is cooled. If the heat level is not reduced relatively quickly, this is followed by failures in the corresponding areas. The display becomes permanently burnt out if repeatedly overheated, and will no longer display in the damaged area.

For our test construction, we fitted various fan types in a number of positions. The result: all you need is a single 8 cm fan that creates airflow under the LCD panel. An additional power supply for this can be created using a standard ATX power unit. An office fan set at the lowest speed is also an option.

This fan does the job: permanent air circulation between the LCD panel and glass top

Only for testing and adjustment: the 8 cm fan taped in place.

The nearly completed project.

The Liesegang projector with installed LCD panel and leads. And we're off!

The fan running at full tilt, powered by an external ATX adapter. Other solutions are also possible.
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  • ak13
    I'm trying to do this project with a laptop monitor. I paused and decided to seek advice before I took off all of the tape that said "no touching"

    any advice?
  • AXIS-013
    how do you insulate the LCD screen from the ohp?
  • catsplay
    Has anyone tried working with a Infocus 97600ws display, mine has no cables.

  • Anonymous
    I followed this tutorial, it worked great but when i powered it off, and then back on the screen was black, any sugestions?
  • MENT4L
    How about using an array of ultra bright LEDs? that would solve the heat issue
  • sirrell
    Has anyone tryed it with a lower watt projector?
    Like a 350 Watt, according to specs its 3200 Lumens.
    if so how low could you go? 250watt
  • Anonymous
    Hi Dear, It is not available in India Liesegang 400 W OHP 2510, I want to try this project but problem is how to get Liesegang 400 W OHP 2510.
  • Alishba
    plz give me the conclusion of lcd projector plzzzzzzzzzzz