This Is How Fast Korean Starcraft Players Are

Portions of "The Hax Life", a documentary about professional gamers in Asia, show top Korean RTS gamers blazing over keyboards and mousepads. They are literally pressing keys at speeds faster than your average touch typer. RTS Gaming in the Republic of Korea is apparently a science, with top performers measuring their interface manipulation ability through "Actions per Minute", or APMs.

As defined by one gamer, APM is simply "the average rate of how quick[ly] your fingers move". More specifically, it's how many commands you can execute in one minute. A high APM indicates a preternatural ability to micro-manage units and resource gathering. Just how many APMs do you need to be a champion? "At least over [the] 200's and in the lower 300's."

Famous videos like Boxer's famous SCV rush show that speed is essential to victory on the virtual battlefield. The video of gamers tapping quickly on their keyboards and mice illustrate a scary ability to seize opportunities when they present themselves.