Samsung Shows 105-inch, $260,000 Bendable UHDTV

BERLIN - If you need an enormous TV, have an overabundance of cash and space, and simply can't decide between an attractive curve and an all-purpose flat screen, Samsung's got you covered. You can pick up the Samsung Bendable UHD TV 105" for the bargain price of €200,000 ($259,364).

Bendable TVs are a relatively new concept, but are exactly what they sound like. Their screens are made of flexible material, allowing users to hit a remote control button and transition the TV between two settings: flat and curved. Both the flat and curved settings on the Samsung Bendable are at fixed angles, meaning you can't experiment to find your own preferred curve.

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Although a 105-inch, roughly $260,000 TV is hardly a practical investment for most people, there are actually some good reasons why bendable TVs might be a good idea in the long run. When screens get bigger than 100 inches, a curve helps keep footage on the periphery front and center in a viewer's line of sight. However, as curved TVs tend to wreck the viewing angle for anyone not sitting in the direct center, the ability to flatten a TV is ideal for watching with friends, family or your extensive staff of butlers, maids and valets.

Beyond that, the TV is not too different from other high-end Samsung models. The Bendable displays video in full 4K resolution, uses an LED screen, and can run apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus and anything else supported by the Samsung Smart TV software.

Whether or not you have any interest in running out to buy a TV for the price of a nice house, bendable technology could prove useful in the future. The Samsung Bendable UHD TV 105" is available right now, if you've run out of classic Aston-Martins to snatch up.

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