PS2 Backwards Compatibility Could Make Return

Generally, console hardware gains new features over time, but that hasn't been the case with the PlayStation 3.

When the PS3 first launched in late 2006, the flagship model had a 60GB hard drive, a memory card reader and hardware backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2 games. Cost cutting measures came in for the $599 console, and the features quickly axed were the memory card reader, and eventually all the dedicated hardware for PS2 games were stripped out.

Now Sony could be looking at a way of reintroducing hardware backwards compatibility back to the PlayStation 3, as hinted in a recent Japanese patent filing.

According to Siliconera, the proposed patent shows a diagram of hardware that has its own processor, a DVD decoder/emulator, sound processor, and graphic processor. Essentially, it sounds like a whole other console. Given that the original launch PS3 had PS2 processors inside, the need for dedicated hardware isn't surprising.

Only time will tell if Sony moves forward with this backwards compatibility add-on for this generation.

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  • meat81
    Cmon Sony, you think people are going to drop thier versions of PS3 and buy another one? Why not do all software emulation. God knows the current PS3 hardware can handle it, it just depends out good your damn programmers are.... Dont know about you guys but this is annoying
  • Other Comments
  • jacobdrj
    3 steps back, 1 step forward... PS4 anyone?
  • victorintelr
    Didn't know that the PS3 was so modern that it couldn't handle older games. Guess it has to do with programing and all that stuff, but interesting that technology has advanced so much that the PS2 fits in now in another console., it's a pitty they took the PS2 support out.
  • Gin Fushicho
    If you were here then the excited sound that came out of my mouth would have made you all jump. I'm excited to have it back.