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Here's How Big the Pixel 3 XL's Notch Could Be

Redditor Amjad_AbdulGhani had a great idea: order one of the many Pixel 3 XL screen protectors already available in China and compare it to his Pixel 2 XL. As his photos show, that giant eyesore of a notch is a tiny bit taller than the Pixel 2 XL’s forehead.

Credit: Amjad_AbdulGhani

(Image credit: Amjad_AbdulGhani)

But not everything is bad news.

“Assuming that the leaked images of the Pixel 3 XL are right, and assuming the Chinese manufacturers who started making screen protectors and cases for the phone are accurate,” Ghani says, “I can say that the 3 XL is [approximately] 95% the size of the Pixel 2 XL.”

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Ghani’s photos also show that the 3 XL’s bottom chin is almost identical to that of the Pixel 2 XL. 

Unlikely conspiracy theories aside, this is shaping up to be the ugliest of the Pixel phones ever released — but at least it will have great cameras. We’ll know all of the official details at Google’s Pixel 3 event on October 9.