Most Cheaters Chat with Lovers While Partner is in Same Room

Remember a time when cheating on your partner meant sneaking illicitly to a hotel room and hiding all your credit card statements? Mobile technology has made it so much easier to cheat that people today are bold enough to talk with their lovers while their partners are in the same room.

A recent survey found that 87 percent of cheaters will communicate with their lovers on a mobile device while their partners are either in the house (23 percent) or the same room (64 percent). The remaining 13 percent had the decency not to do so, or confess to it.

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The company behind the study, Victoria Milan, is a website catering to attached and married people looking to cheat. It polled 11,050 of its members and found that 90 percent of cheaters surveyed are using smartphones or tablets to talk to their lovers.

Interestingly enough, 13 percent of respondents said they were not afraid of being caught when using their devices to talk to their lovers. Whether this indicates their implicit faith in technology or complete apathy towards the relationship is not clear. The majority (75 percent) of cheaters surveyed said they were somewhat afraid, while 12 percent were very afraid.

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