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3GSM: LG's KF600 and KF700

LG KF600

After its recent success (Chocolate, Shine, Prada and Viewty), LG has decided to take advantage of the trend associated with touch. Thus, it’s not surprising to see at the Mobile World Congress two new mobile that following this pattern.

The most astonishing of the two is, without a doubt, the KF600, which offers no less than a double touchscreen couples with a slider hiding a numerical pad. The concept goes like this: when the screen above displays different information, the screen below changes to offer the proper keys.

No 3G when there are two screens

We regret the absence of 3G and the limited 3 Megapixel camera. LG has already shown it could do better by offering 5 Megapixel models. Screens’ diagonals have been unveiled (2” (320 x 240) for the main one, 1.5 “ (240 x 176) for the second one. According to the manufacturer, you can count on 3 hours of battery life. Information regarding the launch and price are scare. It’ll be available during the first or second half of this year depending on the region, for a price that is still unknown.


LG KF700

The second model announced by LG is branded KF700. Yet, if logic would have us believe in an evolution of the mobile presented above, the Korean present a product that’s quite different. This multimedia phone is meant to occupy the high end range of the manufacturer.

The KF700 includes a 3” touchscreen slide up that covers a numerical pad. Here again, design is highlighted with a model tat strongly resembles the Prada. LG’s engineers mainly added a scroll button at the back of the phone to allow the user to switch from one application to the next.

Optimized for the web

Although LG hasn’t told all there is to know about its web browser, we know it’ll be optimized o run Google applications (search engines, Gmail, maps or even YouTube). On top of it all, add an MP3 and MPEG4 player and a 3 Megapixel camera and you have the Korean’s cream of the crop. Here again, launch varies between first and second half of 2008 depending on the countries.

LG has decided to bet on touchscreen and design, two elements that, when put into practice, allowed it to experience the strongest growth in sales in the market. We’ll note however, the sudden change of attitude during the conference when we pointed the lack of browsing, once again. It’s an admitted preoccupation, but it doesn’t seem that it’ll find an answer any time soon.