Stairs That Automatically Light Up with LEDs

Sighted online: a quick demo video showcasing a staircase that lights up automatically whenever anyone goes up or down. LED lights embedded into the side take a cue from motion sensors, creating a light trailing effect reminiscent of Billie Jean (or, for later generations, Tron?).

Unfortunately, aside from the video no clear details on the price, availability or even operation of the LED staircase are available. So let's hope for updates from, or an admirable reverse-engineering effort from the eager online DIY community. Imagine what's possible if someone decides to use different colors!

Whatever the case, the benefits of the LED staircase are clear: LEDs already consume less power than traditional lighting, and making them activate only when needed even saves more energy, without sacrificing safety. This is a system that makes the relatively simply act of flipping the stair light switch seem very cumbersome.