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Last Day of June Points and Clicks Its Way into Your Heart

Los Angeles - Aww, man right in the feels. 505 Games and game developer Ovosonico have teamed up to debut Last Day of June (LDOJ) -- an interactive game about love, loss, grief with a little time travel thrown in for good measure (This is a video game after all). Set to debut some time in 2017 on PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam), this title will tug on your heartstrings.

Inspired by Steven Wilson's song, "Drive Home," Last Day of June is the story of Carl and June, a couple deeply in love. But a freak car accident kills June and paralyzes Carl from the waist down. The game centers on Carl traveling back in time to try to do the right series of events to save his lost love.

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The game opens with Carl and June sitting on a dock, enjoying a beautiful sunset while June paints. You take control of Carl as he goes exploring while June paints. I walked up the dirt path where I came across some flowers. I picked one and quickly discovered I could play "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not" with its delicate blue petals.

Once I determined that yes, June did in fact love me, I picked another flower and gave it to her. She proceeded to put it in her hair while she continued drawing. From there, I went to our car and grabbed a blanket to put around her as she worked. When she was finished, I discovered it was a portrait of Carl drawn as a caped hero holding some flowers. The couple cuddled by the dock, in blissful contentment while my heart swelled with the intimacy of it all.

I was captivated by LDOJ's art style. June and Carl don't have true eyes or a mouth, but their faces and gentle coos back and forth conveyed tons of emotion. I learned that the game's style was based on the works of the artist Matisse, which explains the innate beauty of the game.

Unlike many games on the market, you won't be doing any shooting. Instead you'll be pointing and clicking your way to a solution. The Ovosonico team hopes that this emotionally-wrought title will want appeal to both gamers and non-gamers alike. I think they're onto something. After my short playthrough, I definitely want to help Carl write a different ending for himself and June.