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Infinity Ward Says Activision Created 'Police State'

Although we haven't heard much about it in the headlines recently, the saga continues between the ex-Infinity Ward group and Activision.

According to new documents obtained by Kotaku, the Modern Warfare 2 team claim that they were subjected to "police state" atmosphere. The suit alleges that Activision forced members of Infinity Ward into secret interrogations and the publisher also posted security to man the office exits.

The story supposedly goes that Activision paid only 40 percent of the Modern Warfare 2 bonus money to the team, and withheld the remaining until the team would agree to develop, produce and publish Modern Warfare 3 by November 2011.

Former Infinity Ward leaders West and Zampella in March met with Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, who allegedly agreed to pay out the rest of the bonus at the end of the month, but the money never happened.

A group of Infinity Ward employees also called for a meeting in April with Activision CFO Thomas Tippl, who when asked for payment of the bonus, responded to the workers with, "Get over it."

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