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Infinity Ward Says Activision Created 'Police State'

Although we haven't heard much about it in the headlines recently, the saga continues between the ex-Infinity Ward group and Activision.

According to new documents obtained by Kotaku, the Modern Warfare 2 team claim that they were subjected to "police state" atmosphere. The suit alleges that Activision forced members of Infinity Ward into secret interrogations and the publisher also posted security to man the office exits.

The story supposedly goes that Activision paid only 40 percent of the Modern Warfare 2 bonus money to the team, and withheld the remaining until the team would agree to develop, produce and publish Modern Warfare 3 by November 2011.

Former Infinity Ward leaders West and Zampella in March met with Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, who allegedly agreed to pay out the rest of the bonus at the end of the month, but the money never happened.

A group of Infinity Ward employees also called for a meeting in April with Activision CFO Thomas Tippl, who when asked for payment of the bonus, responded to the workers with, "Get over it."

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  • soo-nah-mee
    That's what happens when you sell your soul to the devil.
  • chaosgs
    So glad i have not purchased that game. Now i sure as hell wont. How dare they treat not only their consumers but their own employees the way they have. Surely a lawsuit is in the VERY near future.
  • waxdart
    Never understood why people think abuse of staff is ok.

    It never gets the best out of people.
  • Spoony
    last time i got **** like that directed at me was in the military and i knocked my sargent out.

    same **** would happen if i worked there. trust me or i walk respected me or i knock your teeth out...... its that simple

    *Post edited by moderator* Cool it on the language.
  • Onus
    The CFO's comment is entirely believable. I hope it comes back to bite him HARD.
  • Regulas
    Hopefully the Sergeant bet the crap out you too before throwing your sorry ass into the stockade.
  • awood28211
    This seems to be the norm anymore for game developers. We've heard stories time and time again. Multiple companies...and pretending to be Foxconn.
  • sagansrun
    I think game developers should form a union?
  • syriquez
    I love how EA has almost completely eliminated its reputation of being the giant evil game company, while Activision seems intent on making it their trademark as of late.
  • halls
    Can't believe someone like Bobby Kotick is still in charge of such a huge game company; what a disaster for people who enjoy the hobby.