How to Cancel Your Netflix Subscription

While it's one of the best streaming services, Netflix isn't for everyone. Maybe you don't use the streaming service enough to justify the monthly fee, or perhaps you don't like the TV shows or movies offered.

Unlike so many other services that hide the option or make it difficult, Netflix makes it easy to stop paying for its service. This quick guide will show you how to cancel your Netflix subscription in a few easy steps.

How to cancel your Netflix subscription

1. Go to It all starts in the browser.

2. Click Sign In to get to your account.You’ll see the sign-in option at the top-right of the page if you're not already logged in.

3. Sign in on the login page.Once you tap the sign-in option, you'll get to Netflix's dedicated login page. Input your account's email address and password here.

4. Choose your Admin account.If you have multiple profiles, you'll want to ensure you choose the Admin account. If you don't have multiple profiles, simply follow the instructions for your single account. By default, the profile you created when you signed up to Netflix became your Admin account.

5. Click your name and choose Your Account.

Once you're on your Admin account, you'll be brought to a page showcasing Netflix content. To continue the cancellation process, click your profile name at the top right of the screen. It's a drop-down menu. From the drop-down box, choose Your Account, so you can get into the settings for your individual profile.

6. Choose Cancel Membership.Simply click on that button, and you'll be brought to the last step.

7. Choose Finish Cancellation.Simply choose Finish Cancellation, and you'll be all set. If you're rethinking your decision, however, just go back to the previous page.

Even if you cancel your membership, you've already paid for the month, so Netflix won't turn off your account until your next billing period. So, feel free to continue watching Netflix until the account finally closes.

Just in case you decide to come back, Netflix saves your viewing preferences for 10 months. To get those back, you'll need to restart your membership with the same account.

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