Google's Stunning Voice Translation App

Technology has enabled greater levels of communication than ever. Even right now, we're conveying a piece of information that wouldn't be easy to do so without the internet.

The internet has truly changed the way we communicate. We may still have barriers to communication such as differing languages, and there have been online text translators available for free online for years. The next big step is a live translation of spoken language from one to the other.

Through Google's work into translation and voice recognition, the company today released a new version of Google Translate for Android that features a conversation mode that allows English and Spanish speakers to communicate to one another in their native tongues via the app.

While it's not quite like having a Babel Fish in your ear just yet, it's clearly a significant step in that direction.

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  • plznote
    killerclickHow about everybody stops messing around and learns to speak English? I speak three foreign languages fluently but English is the only one I ever needed. It's really easy to learn, it's very versatile, it's already a de facto standard so there's no need for silly devices to communicate with non English speaking savages.

    Tu est un imbecile!
  • Parsian
    will it do Klingon?
  • Other Comments
  • rambo117
    You can still see the need for improvement in a device like this but still, one step closer to a UT :D
  • Parsian
    will it do Klingon?
  • jhansonxi
    Parsianwill it do Klingon?

    If not I'm sure a hacker will fix it.