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Get 1byOne’s 35-Mile HDTV Antenna for $14

Even with today's over-the-top cable bills, quitting cable TV cold turkey isn't always as easy as it sounds. Fortunately, quitting cable TV doesn't have to mean quitting all TV. Local news, live sports, and many of today's most popular shows are still broadcast on the major networks like ABC, NBC and CBS. With a good HDTV antenna you can receive all of these channels, and a few more, for free.

1byOne HDTV Antenna 35-MileView Deal

Among the most popular antennas is the 1byOne HDTV Digital Omni-Directional Antenna. At $14.99, it's $22 off its list price and less expensive than even the cheapest media streamer. It has a 35-mile range, which means it can access broadcast towers that are situated outside your immediate neighborhood. Moreover, it receives your local channels and programs in full HD.

The antenna can be mounted on an indoor wall or window or it can be placed on a stand. Set up is as easy as plugging it into your HDTV and letting it scan for local channels. The package includes the antenna with a 10-foot coaxial cable, 3M mounting stickers, and an antenna stand.