The Hisense UX Mini-LED TV broke every possible test metric at CES 2024

10,000 nits of brightness used to be a pipe dream, but Hisense is making it a reality

The Hisense UX Mini-LED TV at CES 2024
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Early Verdict

With 10,000 nits of peak brightness, 40,000 local dimming zones and the ability to cover 100% of the DCI-P3 color space, the Hisense UX is soon going to be the final word on Mini-LED TVs.


  • +

    Record-setting brightness

  • +

    Thousands of dimming zones

  • +

    Hi-View Engine X Processor

  • +

    4.2.2 Dolby Atmos speakers


  • -

    Metrics require independent verification

  • -

    Screen glare is noticeable

  • -

    Only two full-spec HDMI 2.1 ports

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When it comes to LED-LCD TVs, few things matter more than overall brightness, contrast and color saturation. The new 110-inch Hisense UX Mini-LED TV has all of them in spades.

To be specific, Hisense claims its new TV — coming later this year — can reach a peak brightness of 10,000 nits and uses 40,000 local dimming zones. Sure, OLED can control brightness on a pixel-by-pixel basis, but Hisense's new monster screen is roughly 10 times as bright while still covering 100% of the DCI-P3 color space.

If specs are meaningless to you, the take away here is that the Hisense UX (one of the brightest TVs of 2023) is coming in a new screen size with some serious specs that should have Samsung, LG and TCL shaking in their boots.

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Hisense UX (2024): Price and availability

So how soon will you be able to buy one of these over-sized OLED TV competitors? Hisense said in its CES 2024 keynote that it's targeting a March release date, but there's no exact date set. 

In terms of price, Hisense didn't provide any clues for us but we can extrapolate based on the current cost of the 85-inch Hisense UX that will run you $4,999. Given that, I wouldn't be surprised if Hisense targets $7,999 for a launch price.

Hisense UX (2024): Design

At 110 inches from corner to corner, you're going to need a large space and a stable home entertainment for the new Hisense UX. We didn't get the exact weight from Hisense, but it's almost certainly between 150 and 200 pounds. 

It houses the TV's 4.2.2-channel speaker system that does Dolby Atmos audio right out of the box.

That being said, the relatively thick design of the TV hides a lot of important features. For one, it's hosting a massive heat sink and ventilation system that keeps the screen cool while pumping out the brightness. For another, it houses the TV's 4.2.2-channel speaker system that does Dolby Atmos audio right out of the box. 

When we asked how powerful that speaker system would be, we didn't get an exact answer but were told that it's be in excess of 80W. Hisense couldn't speak to the exact size of the speakers, but it's pretty safe to say that this speaker system is going to match — or even exceed — the picture performance of the TV. 

As far as its inputs and outputs are concerned, the Hisense UX (2024) will have 2 HDMI 2.0 and 2 HDMI 2.1 ports. That's a little disappointing considering that rival TVs offer four full-spec HDMI 2.1, but one of Hisense's engineers told us that there are plans in the works to fix this in the future.

Last but not least, Hisense is once again using an anti-glare coating on the UX. It couldn't hold up against the bright lights of the Las Vegas Convention Center's show floor like, say, the Samsung S95D could, but most folks don't have high-powered spotlights in their living room. Still, this is one area we're going to be watching a lot more closely this year now that Samsung has cracked the code on matte screens.

Hisense UX (2024): Performance

The Hisense UX Mini-LED TV at CES 2024

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Powering the Hisense UX (2024) is the Hi-View Engine X that uses a 16-bit AI neural chipset to enable object-based upscaling. The processor looks for common objects like water, trees or the sky and applies an upscaling algorithm to make them look crisper and more detail-rich. Or, at least, that's the hope. 

Not only does it have the processing power to properly upscale content, but it's the driving force behind all of the important specs mentioned up top. If you want to manage 40,000 local dimming zones, you need a pretty powerful processor, and the Hi-View Engine X is up to the job. 

In terms of color saturation, Hisense says the UX will be able to cover 100% of the DCI-P3 color space and the vast majority of the Rec2020 color space — though they aren't ready to divulge the exact number yet.

At CES, the Hisense UX was only playing loops of demo content so we couldn't see how shows like Game of Thrones might look, but it's easy to see that high brightness and large color volume at work. A canyon scene on the screen had deep, rich hues of red, blue, brown and purple and you could see the grain on the rocks themselves. There was a slight bit of noise in the sky that the Hi-View Engine X didn't catch — but that's hopefully something that will be fine-tuned before it's released later this year.

Hisense UX (2024): Outlook

The specs Hisense gave us are impressive, and the TV certainly looked great on the CES show floor (minus the glare, of course). That being said, you should wait for independent verification of these numbers before you sell off your first-generation Mini-LED TVs from a few years ago. It's not that you shouldn't trust Hisense, but there's always a lot of nuance to the numbers that don't come across in a press release. 

Based on our limited time with it in Las Vegas, the Hisense UX looked impressive — better than any other 4K Mini-LED TV at CES. But with next-generation LG Display panels making their way into the G4 and M4 OLED TVs, it's going to be a tough year for any screen that wants to win a spot on our list of the best TVs of 2024.

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