Foreo UFO Review: My Improved Skin Is Worth the Splurge

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I've never been one of those folks who spend an inordinate amount of time in front of a mirror. I'm just learning how to apply makeup without looking like a toddler who got into her mother's beauty stash. Which is why I think the Foreo UFO Smart Mask Treatment device could help me. Priced at $279, this little gadget claims to give you the benefits of a professional facial in 90 seconds.

It sounds ridiculous, but I've been using the UFO for a little over a month, and I have to say my skin is looking pretty damned good.

Out-of-this-world design

Available in fuschia, mint or pearl pink, the body of the UFO has a rubberized soft-touch finish along the sides with a single charge port. The top of the device is comprised of a number of raised metallic gold dots that have a cool swirling design.

The business end of the UFO has a gold-colored plate with Foreo stamped in the center. A clear detachable plastic ring  is included to hold the face masks in place when it's time to beautify. Despite its high-tech powder-puff looks, the UFO is surprisingly durable. I dropped it a few times with no adverse effects, and it’s waterproof so you can properly clean it.

How the Foreo works

Foreo ships the UFO with a USB Type-A powered charger and several daytime and nighttime masks. The small circular masks are just large enough to fit on the UFO's flat gold surface. And to ensure the mask stays in place, the plastic ring just snaps on top of the mask. Once your 90-second facial is done, you just throw the used mask away, rinse the UFO off, and it's ready for its next usage. Regarding usage, Foreo estimates the UFO can last two weeks on a charge, which accounts for a two facials a day.

Setup: App-assisted

Using the UFO is simple. After launching the free Foreo app (Android, iOS) and pairing with the gadget, the app asks you  your age, exercise habits and how much water you drink on an average day.

When it was time for my treatment, the app directed me to scan the bar code on the mini mask I'd be using. Since it was nighttime, I used the "Call It a Night" mask, which Foreo says has olive oil and ginseng — supposedly to give you radiant skin. The daytime "Make My Day" mask incorporates hyaluronic acid and red algae; the former is supposed to plump your skin, whereas the latter is touted as having antioxidant properties. Once everything was secured and ready to go, it was time for a little 90-second pampering.

My review UFO came with five masks for day and night use. After that, you'll have to hit up Amazon for your beauty fix. Foreo sells each set of masks for $9.99, with seven in a box. If you plan to use the UFO often, this can quickly turn into a rather expensive indulgence.

Mask on, mask off

After securing the Call It a Night mask onto the futuristic device, I started moving it across my skin in a circular motion. Initially, the mask was cool to the touch and slimy. But then the thermal technology kicked in and warmed the mask as it glided over my face. About halfway into the process, it started vibrating, which felt nice — kind of like a mini massage on my face. The heat and vibration therapy is designed to help all those goodies in the mask infuse into yourskin better.

When I used the daytime mask, the device employed a cooling technique  to combat puffiness and reduce pores. In addition to heating, cooling and vibration, the UFO  employs LEDs in the quest for better-looking skin. When the UFO is in thermal mode, the LED light glows red, signaling it’s in anti-aging mode. In cryo mode, the light turns green, meaning the device is  working to even out your skin.

I'm not sure if the UFO is preventing wrinkles or not, but one thing is for sure: after each treatment my skin was definitely cleaner. Looking at the masks after rubbing them on my face had a huge ick factor.

Low-maintenance beauty

Besides how my skin looks and feels after the treatment, my favorite thing about the Foreo UFO is how low maintenance it is. In the morning, I don't have time to go through an hour-long facial regimen for my face. I just now got on the toner-and-cleanser bandwagon—anything else is just too time-consuming—but I can spare the 3 minutes  it takes me to put one of Foreo's specialized face masks onto the UFO, launch the app and start using the device.

Bottom Line

I've been using the Foreo for a little over a month now, and I can say that my skin definitely feels softer than it did before I started using the  UFO. I'm not sure that you can actually shrink pores, but my skin looks more even. I really appreciate the ease of use and the lack of a serious time commitment.

On the other hand, I'm not sure many people will be champing at the bit for a $279 device when you can get those cheap, but relatively messy, time-intensive face masks for as low as $4. But if you're looking for a small, easy-to-use device to add to your beauty regimen, the Foreo UFO definitely deserves a look.

Credit: Tom's Guide; Foreo

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