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Chrysler Dropping Printed Car Manuals for DVDs

If you're anything like me, all documentation that came with my car sits in my glove compartment even if I've already read it cover to cover. Despite the fact that a manual might not really help you if you have car trouble, it just seems to make sense to have the reference available for whenever you might it. But if you're buying a new Chrysler, you soon won't have that luxury any longer.

Chrysler said that its 2010 models will ditch the printed manual and instead will offer the information on a DVD. A 60 to 80-page booklet will be still included, but the bulk of the more detailed information will be on DVD.

The carmaker's reasons for this are numerous. The ditching of the printed book will save about 930 tons of paper, or the equivalent of 20,000 trees, annually, reports Left Lane. Going digital will also have the advantage of being able to include videos and other multimedia to better educate the new car owner.

The replacement of manuals on favor of DVDs is nothing new, especially for computer users who have long had to refer to PDFs rather than flipping pages.

Thankfully, those who insist on still having a printed manual for their cars will be able to special request one from the dealership.

Of course, the obvious missing link here is why carmakers don't integrate the manual as part of the in-car display system, with so many models now coming with LCD screens for navigation and other purposes.