'Batman: Arkham Origins' Glitches Persist Even After Patch

Since its release on Oct. 25, the video game "Batman: Arkham Origins" has been driving players batty with the many glitches found under the hood.

The game's developers released two patches for the game's PC version last night (Oct. 31): a single-player fix from developer Warner Bros. Montreal and another for the game's multiplayer, which was developed by Splash Damage, a separate studio. (The game sells for $59.99 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and $49.99 on PC.)

The single-player patch means that the Dark Knight returns for many players, as bugs like the now-infamous Burnley Tower glitch are now fixed. But players dealing with the many remaining glitches are still wondering whatever happened to the Caped Crusader.

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Before the patch, the most infamous glitch was in the Burnley district's comm tower, where Batman was unable to climb up a vent and became trapped in the room. It seems funny at first, but glitches like this can be the killing joke that breaks a game.  

Some players developed a complicated workaround for the Burnley tower glitch, but thankfully, it's no longer necessary with the patch, as Batman can now climb into the tower's vent and out of Burnley tower's long shadows to complete the mission.

The Burnley Tower vent glitch is most likely an easy one to fix, as it probably just involves attaching a script, or line of code, to the vent, which would govern the way Batman interacts with the vent as an object in the game world. Other issues, such as guards running in circles or becoming trapped within walls, are systemic.

According to the official updates, the patch also fixed players falling through floors and platforms "in most cases." We still encountered a problem with the elevator in the sewers under the Gotham City Police Department, however.

In the below video, the floor of the elevator rises right through Batman's body, leaving players stranded for a moment before respawning into an elseworld full of green-gray mist with a few floating game assets such as rocks and a distant door.

It looks like a great place to have an existential identity crisis, but not so great if you want to actually finish the game. If you pull a Knightfall and jump off the rocks, Batman will just pull himself back up. You'll have to restart at the last checkpoint to escape this foggy no-man's land.

Eventually, we were able to ride the elevator properly by pressing "space" to activate it and then not pressing any other buttons until the ride was over.

Some players found themselves falling in an endless loop at various points in the game as well, but this infinite crisis should also be fixed in the new patch.

If the patch didn't work on your system, you should restart the game, the developers suggest in the official update documentation — but that still may not be enough to get you back to the streets of Gotham. "If restart from checkpoint didn't work, try beating up all enemies around you," the documentation reads.

For the full list of fixes to "Batman" incorporated into the game, check out the WB Games community forum, and report any bugs you find on the thread or the Steam discussion page.

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  • Murissokah
    As a player of the last two games, I wonder how they managed to mess this up so bad.
  • IpSifu
    "It seems funny at first, but glitches like this can be the killing joke that breaks a game."

    I see what you did there Jill... Well played.
  • Jill Scharr
    @IpSifu lol thanks! I couldn't resist :) There's more where that came from: there are 12 Batman graphic novel titles worked into the piece.
  • dextermat
    Yeah, and they are bundling it with expensive video cards...
  • NightLight
    that's why i'm afraid of ati graphics being in all next gen consoles...
  • timaahhh
    ATI Graphics were used in the Xbox 360 and the Wii..... There are not more or fewer glitches from what I've seen on PCs that user nVidia or AMD......
  • joditas
    "As a player of the last two games, I wonder how they managed to mess this up so bad."

    Could be the first two were made by different company, Rocksteady.
  • The Grave Digger
    This is supposed to be a good finale for Batman arkham series before entering a next gen era,but they done F**ked up.
  • bigshootr8
    They have been quite a few bugs. However, I will say the only but that I had a issue with was the comm tower I never had any issue what so ever with falling through the floor mind you the only game I had a issue with that did that was Borderlands 2 which is a pretty polished game up to this point. And I think with the comm tower the glitch to have yourself catapulted up in the air so you can finish the tower is more fun anyway I thought it was more enjoyable breaking the game to do something then doing it the right way to begin with :P
  • Justin Pinotti
    I thought it was just my computer that was glitching out. When I first fought the lizard dude i punched him against a wall and my entire screene except the HUD went blank. I couldnt attack but i kept taking damage. Had to restart my game.

    Second time I fought him his character model started flickering.

    Also, a lot of times i'll go to grapple and ill get stuck on a corner thats in the way.

    Too many glitches for a title like this. At least they're patching it ASAP, unlike companies like infinity ward who worry about making sure their next $20 DLC is ready to rob you.